The death of the iPod begins as Apple drops the Nano and Shuffle!

A surprise, or more an inevitability, Apple has made one of the biggest shake ups to their iPod line-up in quite some time, essentially dropping the majority of the lineup.  Before today, Apple sold the same iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch, which were all last updated in 2015, however today, you’ll find a very differentContinue reading “The death of the iPod begins as Apple drops the Nano and Shuffle!”

Tom Chaplin – The Wave (Deluxe Edition) Review

Following from his days in Keane, lead singer Tom Chaplin has decisively chosen to release his first debut solo album, sparking a collection of new challengers for the singer, including writing and producing an album for the first time, something previously done by Keane pianist Tim Rice-Oxley, who himself has made efforts outside of KeaneContinue reading “Tom Chaplin – The Wave (Deluxe Edition) Review”

Blur – The Magic Whip Album Review

After 12 long years since Blur released Think Tank, and 16 years since 13 with Coxon, Blur are back with The Magic Whip, and what an album it is. The Magic Whip will take you down a road you’ll at first find familiar, then before you know it, music you’d never expect, best part aboutContinue reading “Blur – The Magic Whip Album Review”

Is Blackberry even losing in the Enterprise?!!!

Following some rather painful, well let’s be honest, dreadful earnings by Blackberry now in the last year or so, it’s becoming rather apparent that the future of the company remains in worry. Blackberry was hoping its Blackberry 10 operating system and devices was going to save it from collapse, but the numbers still aren’t lookingContinue reading “Is Blackberry even losing in the Enterprise?!!!”

Mark Owen – The Art of Doing Nothing Album Review

Mark Owen may not be the first name you think about when you think of solo careers, heck maybe not the first name you think of with the name Take That, but with ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’, Mark Owen is certainly going to try to losen the attention from members Gary Barlow and RobbieContinue reading “Mark Owen – The Art of Doing Nothing Album Review”

Sony announces PlayStation 4

It was leaked, it was highly anticipated, we honestly weren’t sure whether to be impressed by it, but it’s official! Live on stage in New York, Sony’s Andrew House announced the PlayStation 4 games console! Whilst everything is pretty much as it leaked, the Apple karma, everything just look pretty damn spec heavy, although physicalContinue reading “Sony announces PlayStation 4”

The Late Late Show – 3rd February SuperBowl Special 2013

Live at the SuperBowl 2013, with Drew Brees, Steve Carell, Julie Chen, Neil Patrick Harris, Nikki Reed, Channing Tatum, The San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders, two Policeman and Secretariat and Geoff Peterson.