Music on RKUK Media may not be our top focus anymore, but its still part of our collection. Music is now going to be featured on RKUK Media in the form of music reviews and news.


You can now download Protocol’s back catalogue on RKUK Media as well as 4 new songs by Simon Pettigrew. Check out the respective artist profile to view available downloads. All songs by Damn Crows are free to download as well.

Artist Downloads

RKUK Media have 3 bands with downloadable content available through RKUK Media.

Protocol – A band that became unsigned before the release of their debut album, that is available to download on RKUK Media.

(Simon Pettigrew) Ghosts – Ghosts are a UK based pop band who rose to fame from their debut album The World Is Outside, check out two exclusive tracks you can download on RKUK Media.

Damn Crows – Damn Crows is a music project by Ben Hanson, and now and then features guest collaborators.

Selection DVD Disclaimer

RKUK Media offered 2369 music videos through the Selection DVD service which ran from May 2005 to July 2011. The content however is no longer available for online viewing. You can check out all the tracklists of the Selection DVDs by clicking here!

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