The Late Late Show – 20th April 2012 [HD] The Late Late Show 20th April 2012 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig kicks off the show and is joined by guests Emily Deschanel and Jerry Ferrara. *The Late Late Show is now available in many versions. The desktop Flash version (Mac or PC) in 720P. Or available in alternate non-Flash versions.Continue reading “The Late Late Show – 20th April 2012 [HD]”

Blog Wednesday 26th November 2008

Expect: Annoying Jonathon Finally Gets Busted | Selection 62 | Black Friday | and more! Annoying Jonathon Finally Gets Busted Yeh start with the funny one, now as you know Emily, is a dream of elegant beauty and who is in the dreams of many, but today I witnessed what I like to call (BUMM)Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 26th November 2008”

Blog Monday 13th October 2008

I would have loved to be able to of started this off with a proud announcement that I have bought Keane, Perfect Symmetry, but no, nowhere in Dewsbury had any left, granted it was Album Of The Week in every store that did sell it which is quite impressive. So instead of relying on storeContinue reading “Blog Monday 13th October 2008”

Blog Thursday 9th October 2008

Nothing different has really happened this week, you could say “this life, is lived in Perfect Symmetry”, god I love that album, yes, that album, on Wednesday I recieved a Spanish version of the album which is identical to the english one, but released in Spain, oo! I’m still buying the deluxe version on Monday,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 9th October 2008”

Selection 60 and more!

On Friday will dawn the Selection 60 online and by 6PM on Friday you will be able to order a Selection DVD and detailed instructions on how the hell you do this will be on the Selection 60 page, Selection 60 will be available pretty much until 61 and will be a total of £7.Continue reading “Selection 60 and more!”

Blog Saturday 25th September 2008

This week has been pretty mind boggling really, its been a long last week you could say, since my last on Monday I’ve had drastic bus runs, slip on a bus, love embarrassment and err, still no sign of that damn memory stick! DRASTIC BUS RUNS I’ll start with the strangest, now when you thoughtContinue reading “Blog Saturday 25th September 2008”

Blog Wednesday 17th September 2008

Today, was another dragging day, and then I found out I finish half an hour early, which was good. Don’t really remember much about today actually it all shadowwed away as soon as I had a lesson with Excel. Emily’s still looking at me and I’m still looking back at her, I still fancy her,Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 17th September 2008”

Blog Monday 15th September 2008

(I wrote this yesterday by the way) – Well today was almost like a family reunion really, everyone seemed to pop out of the limelight really quite literally, it all started at break when James Hodgson popped up in ‘The Hub’ which was OK for a bit, then going home their was to be noContinue reading “Blog Monday 15th September 2008”

Blog Friday 12th September 2008

Well I started college on Monday and upto Wednesday I was starting at like 10:30 and finishing somewhat to 3pm, then I got my timetable and it all stops, 9am, but i suppose its not all bad, seen as I start at 1:30PM on tuesdays and theirs of course, the Thursday day off, which isContinue reading “Blog Friday 12th September 2008”