The death of the iPod begins as Apple drops the Nano and Shuffle!

Apple’s final iPod Nano was announced in 2015
A surprise, or more an inevitability, Apple has made one of the biggest shake ups to their iPod line-up in quite some time, essentially dropping the majority of the lineup. 

Before today, Apple sold the same iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch, which were all last updated in 2015, however today, you’ll find a very different iPod selection.

The last iPod Shuffle, last updated in 2015
Apple had already begun distancing themselves from the iPod line, something which became most noticeable after the introduction of the Apple Watch, which saw  the “iPod” section of their site change to just  “Music”, which in itself has mainly been used to advertise the Apple Music service, Beats products, iTunes, and the recently announced HomePod. However, now, you’ll find just the one iPod in Apple’s collection, the iPod touch.

The move towards selling just the iPod touch makes complete sense for Apple. The market has changed dramatically over the years, and, lets be fair, no one wants to buy a standalone Music player by itself anymore. On top of this, more and more people are choosing to use Streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple’s own Apple Music services, which let’s not forget, is only possible on the iPod touch.

The iPod touch was last updated in 2015, alongside the Nano and Shuffle, however it could probably do with an update of its own, though one thing we do find rather interesting about the iPod touch is when you look at Apple’s lineup, it does make for interesting reading. 

You can get an iPod touch from £199, powered by the A8, which gives you iPhone 6 level of performance, but, if you want to bump up to the iPhone 6S level of performance, you can actually do that in the same 4 inch form factor with the iPhone SE, for just £379 (less in other retailers). 

What this means is the iPod touch remains (at the moment) the perfect low cost entry iOS device, though we do expect it will eventually just drill down to a lower cost iPhone as your “touch” in the future, which will naturally lead to the total end of the iPod line. 

New pricing options for iPod touch

The current iPod touch, last updated in 2015
Apple have made modest price cuts to the same existing iPod touch, some could argue they could have done a bit more, though you now have double the storage for the same price. Both the 16GB and 64GB configurations are no more, though the prices they went for will now get you a 32GB of 128GB device.

32GB: £199 or $199 USD

128GB: £299 or $299 USD

The end of iPod

Apple announced the very first iPod at a special event in London back in 2001, this was back in a day where Computers were typically Single Core and barely touching a Gigahertz in performance, and a time where the original concept of “1,000 songs in your pocket” was actually an impressive feat.

However, we’ve certainly moved a long way since then, as has the way we consume and listen to Music on a daily basis, whilst Apple may have ushered in the digital music revolution, the revolution itself has reached its own peak as the world moves away from even physical digital copies of Music. To add to that, everyone now has a Smartphone, which are more than capable of providing the best Music experiences you can get, so the need for an iPod, or any MP3 Player for that matter, is now entirely redundant.

However as we wave goodbye to the legacy iPods, it’s hard not to feel a little sad to see an old friend go in the world of technology, maybe it’s that good old nostalgia, but that’s the way it goes, and remains the fascinating thing about technology itself, as it ushers in the new whilst the old disappears in to the history books.

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