Blackberry Priv

Blackberry have recently released this, the Blackberry Priv, Priv for privacy and Priv for privilege, whilst the second maybe clearly a naming cue, the first is definitely something very akin to the DNA of Blackberry and something they do feel passionate for. Whilst claiming any device launching with Google’s Android platform with Privacy may seemContinue reading “Blackberry Priv”

MWC 14 Day 2: Blackberry Z3 and Q20 Smartphones

After the recent announcement by Blackberry and Nokia this week announcing BBM for Windows Phone, Blackberry today had a duo of new Blackberry 10 devices to show off, well atleast the Z3 was shown off, the Q20 was just shown on a display. Blackberry Z3 Since Blackberry announced that Foxconn would mass-produce, if they sellContinue reading “MWC 14 Day 2: Blackberry Z3 and Q20 Smartphones”

Instagram CEO promises Instagram for Windows Phone and BB10 before Google Glass

Whether you get it, or don’t, use it, or don’t, no one can deny that Instagram is one of the most hottest applications out their on Smartphones today and has continued to have immense growth, despite taking a year and half to get there, since becoming available on Android as well as iOS it wasContinue reading “Instagram CEO promises Instagram for Windows Phone and BB10 before Google Glass”

Is Blackberry even losing in the Enterprise?!!!

Following some rather painful, well let’s be honest, dreadful earnings by Blackberry now in the last year or so, it’s becoming rather apparent that the future of the company remains in worry. Blackberry was hoping its Blackberry 10 operating system and devices was going to save it from collapse, but the numbers still aren’t lookingContinue reading “Is Blackberry even losing in the Enterprise?!!!”

Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?

With Apple fresh on the heels of a whole new design and user interface in iOS 7 and likely their entire future roadmap, we thought it would be quite fitting to go back to the days of the first iPhone, the one that started it off, the one that revolutionized the entire mobile industry! …Continue reading “Flashback 2007: iPhone 1st Generation Competition?”

Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins claims Apple now lacks Innovation

In an interview in The Australian Financial Review, Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins described the Apple iOS platform as an outdated user interface, claiming that the iPhone is “at risk of being replaced in the popularity stakes” due to a ‘lack of innovation’. Quote: “Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market … They didContinue reading “Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins claims Apple now lacks Innovation”

Are Lenovo considering buying Blackberry?

Lenovo, maker of many business Windows PCs, not to mention the child of tech giant IBM, is considering buying none other than just renamed manufacturer BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion). The news came after Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, told a French financial newspaper ‘Les Echos’, that a deal with BlackBerry could and I quote Continue reading “Are Lenovo considering buying Blackberry?”

RIM – How bad are things for the Blackberry maker?

Dare we ask? Yep, Depressing. That’s the only word that comes to mind after reading the RIM Q1 financial results press release and listening to the conference call. As bad as the results were, I’m not going to write up a death certificate for RIM here. Yes, they are in real serious trouble, and no,Continue reading “RIM – How bad are things for the Blackberry maker?”

Could RIM be considering Windows Phone 8 for future Blackberry devices [UPDATED]

After the rumors of Microsoft being a potential buyer for RIM just settled down, now there is a new report that RIM may tie-up with Microsoft for upcoming smartphone devices, yes you read that right! According to sources of Reuters, RIM may abandon its own already delayed Blackberry 10 OS and adopt Microsoft’s upcoming WindowsContinue reading “Could RIM be considering Windows Phone 8 for future Blackberry devices [UPDATED]”

Ping Chat! Review – BBM for everyone?

Ping Chat! “The World’s Most Popular Free Text, Picture and Video Messaging app for mobile devices” That’s all good, but could Ping! Chat be the BBM for iOS and Android users out there? Maybe, I mean, come on, this service is also available for Blackberry as well. Well, curious, we had a look and testedContinue reading “Ping Chat! Review – BBM for everyone?”

Apple Surprise Event July 16th 2010 – iPhone 4 Antenna

Intro Apple surprised us all on Wednesday when they announced they would be holding a special event focusing on the iPhone 4, which whilst selling way over 3 million has had some, problems, lets say problems. The new iPhone 4 has been reported to have major antenna issues so automatically this event has been moreContinue reading “Apple Surprise Event July 16th 2010 – iPhone 4 Antenna”