Tom Chaplin – The Wave (Deluxe Edition) Review

Following from his days in Keane, lead singer Tom Chaplin has decisively chosen to release his first debut solo album, sparking a collection of new challengers for the singer, including writing and producing an album for the first time, something previously done by Keane pianist Tim Rice-Oxley, who himself has made efforts outside of KeaneContinue reading “Tom Chaplin – The Wave (Deluxe Edition) Review”

Keane – Sovereign Light Café – Single Review

First Impressions We heard Sovereign Light Cafe first on the album Strangeland and we loved it then, and we love it as much now, the song has such a quality not found in many bands anymore today. The song is still not equal to any of the classic singles from the Hopes & Fears era,Continue reading “Keane – Sovereign Light Café – Single Review”

Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)

Keane are set to release their forth studio album on May 7th in the UK, 8th in the US, but whats the album actually like. Well turns out RKUK Media have been listening to it and here’s our opinion of the album track by track.  You Are Young Strangeland kicks off with You Are YoungContinue reading “Keane – Strangeland (Deluxe) Album Review (2012)”

Keane – My Shadow Danny Dance Remix Review

With great music comes great remixes, and Keane are definitely no exception. My Shadow is a song made as an extra for ‘Perfect Symmetry’ album for Keane as an iTunes exclusive, and released fully through the ‘Night Train’ EP. The remix for My Shadow has been created by DannyDance The remix starts off with aContinue reading “Keane – My Shadow Danny Dance Remix Review”

Keane – Night Train EP Review

Keane – Night Train EP Review House Lights – House Lights is a short intro track, which features alot of influences from Black Burning Heart, in fact if you played this before Black Burning Heart, it would probably sound like the same song, not too keen on this as I don’t think it should beContinue reading “Keane – Night Train EP Review”

Keane – Better Than This

As you know I’m a Keane fan, and it was recently announced that Keane’s forth single from their Perfect Symmetry album will be Better Than This. Now to be honest I couldn’t stand this song when I heard it exclusively on Radio 1, then I got the album, it grew a bit, and now it’sContinue reading “Keane – Better Than This”

Blog Monday 8th December 2008

Today is one of the two days of this week, I’ve today and tomorrow, woo! This is the first for quite a while which is a pure and simple blog post, I normally have loads of other stuff to talk about but this time I’m just generally blogging. So today was pretty much surrounded aroundContinue reading “Blog Monday 8th December 2008”

Keane – Perfect Symmetry Music Video Review

Yesterday RKUK recieved the music video for the next upcoming single which is of course ‘Perfect Symmetry’, since the video for ‘Spiralling’ being pretty poor, and no one actually knowing what the hell was going on on the video for ‘The Lovers Are Losing’, you’ll be happy to know that the new music video forContinue reading “Keane – Perfect Symmetry Music Video Review”

Blog Thursday 9th October 2008

Nothing different has really happened this week, you could say “this life, is lived in Perfect Symmetry”, god I love that album, yes, that album, on Wednesday I recieved a Spanish version of the album which is identical to the english one, but released in Spain, oo! I’m still buying the deluxe version on Monday,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 9th October 2008”

Clinch your teeth on this!

I know terrible, well unusual blog entry to be on about teeth but it is, today to end my relaxing mini-hol I have to go to the friggin dentist, now I purposely avoided my old dentist seen as, well it was crap, but all went wrong when a new one arrived, damn crows! Now, IContinue reading “Clinch your teeth on this!”

Keane – The Lovers Are Losing (1st album single/review)

It looks like the new third album by Keane which is of course Perfect Symmetry will be a hit after all, after Keane released Spiralling as a download only single which unintendedly reached the charts and now in its second week in the 20s, we were really exited to hear the first official single thatContinue reading “Keane – The Lovers Are Losing (1st album single/review)”

Keane hit the UK Top 40 with a song not even official, album news and more!

Keane released Spiralling as a download only from and now is available from usual download platforms such as iTunes etc and has actually reached 28 in the UK Top 40 even though its not an official single. Keane are going to release their first official single called ‘The Lovers Are Losing’ in September sometimeContinue reading “Keane hit the UK Top 40 with a song not even official, album news and more!”