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We are now accepting User Submitted posts, to be posted and in some cases Featured amongst other RKUK Media content. If you’ve got a Technology post you think is worthy to be on RKUK Media, then we would love to hear from you.

You can submit your content for free. By submitting your content to RKUK Media, you get;

  • Link outs to your website, FaceBook/Twitter/etc shown within the post
  • Your own Mention in the content
  • Optional media content can be inserted in to posts
  • All original content as you submitted*

*Incorrections such as Grammar or Spelling will be automatically corrected, the layout of your post maybe edited too to support the current RKUK Media user interface with titles and paragraphs.

There are two ways to submit content to RKUK Media.

Submissions by E-Mail (We Recommend)

The first way is via e-mail, submit a document containing your content to with the subject ‘Content Submission’. We accept Microsoft Office (.doc/.docx/.txt/.rtf) Apple iWork (.pages) as well as OpenOffice and Adobe PDF.

E-Mail format.

To: (us)

Subject: “Content Submission”

Attachment: (Your submission post, whether Microsoft Word, Pages, PDF, ODF, TXT, RTF etc)

Mail Content: (Include your Name / Information that you wish to be referenced)

NOTE: Content must be 100% your own, or have viable permission otherwise.

Submissions via Online Form

To submit via online Form below, please enter all required values. You will receive 2 emails within 24 hours, 1st email confirming you’ve sent us content and we’ve received it and its under review, the second that its been accepted and is available online. You can include any link outs you wish in the blog post and we’ll include them, for example your website could be included, which we will post in the post as well. If you don’t want your name mentioned please specify, by default we will show the name you gave in the form. You also agree that the content is 100% your own and hold any responsibility if found to be copying content available on third party websites.

Not all content will be accepted

It’s worth noting that naturally we receive a collection of Submissions which are not suitable for RKUK Media, or simply don’t live up to the standard we wish to achieve on the RKUK Media website.

If you are lucky enough to be Accepted, we will contact you within the 24 hour period, once your Content has been reviewed and verified. If so, you will then receive a confirmation Email that we are reviewing your Content, which will follow soon after by an Email with the Subject ‘Your post is live on RKUK Media’, to which your post will be available.


If this is not your first submission and you previous got accepted, then your submission will be done much quicker, averaging 1 hour after we receive it.

We look forward to your content, and, thank you for your interest in participated in RKUK Media content.

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