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RKUK Media is a media company based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.

The company was founded by RKUK Media CEO Ben Hanson in 1997. The RKUK Media website came along in 2004 with many variety of URLs until todays website layout came about in 2008.

RKUK Media has many focuses as a media website, the main being music from 2005 – 2011 until RKUK Media changed direction in July 2011 to move on to a new horizon based on tough competition in the matter.

RKUK Media today offers social networking capabilities like always through the site for all members as well as offering music reviews and news, as well as a variety of video content. RKUK Media also focuses on technology with the launch of The Tech Show offering reviews of all kinds of technology.

But RKUK Media aren’t done there, with many more projects coming soon, RKUK Media is keeping up with the current by offering a variety of services to keep users engaged.

After spending nearly 3 years using the NING platform, RKUK Media made the switch away in July 2011 with the big revamp. RKUK Media is now a complete content based website.

To Contact RKUK Media you can as a member use this form.

or e-mail: mail@rkukmedia.co.uk

Contact Ben directly: ben@rkukmedia.co.uk or @BenRKUK



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