Brexit Vote and the Overbaring rush of Exaggeration!

It’s been four years since I’ve posted anything in to ‘Ben’s Blog’, and it’s not really that surprising as, well for one I’ve been busy and two I’ve either had little to nothing to talk about or didn’t want those I’d end up talking about getting back at me as RKUK Media is a littleContinue reading “Brexit Vote and the Overbaring rush of Exaggeration!”

What Desktop and Smartphone Platform do I Prefer

It’s been a while since I did a personal technology blog, and a lot has changed since then, I’ve been a long time supporter of Apple gear, loved my iPhone 4, my MacBook Air and iMac are still going strong, but look at me now, own a Nokia Lumia 920 and ready to replace myContinue reading “What Desktop and Smartphone Platform do I Prefer”

Where’s the blog been?

Now I know what you are thinking, Ben you’re not dead, damn! And yes thats true unfortunately for you, OK I think its pretty much common knowledge, something else thats common knowledge, almost, that I haven’t posted a single blog post since what seems like years now, yeah I know you haven’t noticed, but …Continue reading “Where’s the blog been?”

Blog Friday 30th March 2012

Introduction It’s not been since the end of January when I added a blog and its got to be said quite a bit has actually happened. The Semester 2 is approaching the ending touches, my birthday occurred, I became more than friends with someone incredible, and everyone’s moving out, so we’re gonna try to fitContinue reading “Blog Friday 30th March 2012”

Blog Sunday 11th December 2011

Mon 28th /Tue 29th November College continued to be the most interesting place to spend you’re Monday and Tuesday, note the sarcasm. Once again on both days hardly anyone turned up which made things that all much more boring. Having said that in the assignment front things are looking that bit more promising. Received aContinue reading “Blog Sunday 11th December 2011”

Blog Sunday 16th October 2011

Since my last blog I’ve sorted out my finance and finally got my first payment, I know they didn’t half take their time. The main reason I didn’t add a blog last week was basically because nought happened … well stuff happened, but just not enough. Uni College … Uni whatever you want to friggingContinue reading “Blog Sunday 16th October 2011”

Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011

Since my last blog … well, not much has happened, which is good as I can’t really be assed typing much today, so woo about that I suppose. College College this week has been a bit less annoying than last week, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have to spend my back upContinue reading “Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011”