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Android and Chrome OS set to merge in to Andromeda?

On paper it makes sense, and in reality it’s being happening before our eyes, but will it really happen? Of course we’re talking about the possibility of Google merging Android and Chrome together in to what allegedly would be known as Andromeda. When Google earlier this year premiered the Google Play Store on to….Read more

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Apple iPhone 7 Durability Overview

When you purchase a new Smartphone, especially one with a premium price tag, you’re sure to want to protect that Smartphone from any unintentional harm, but at what point is protection necessary and how much can the iPhone 7 actually take?….Read more

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Apple macOS Sierra Tips

Apple have released macOS Sierra to the world, and we have a collection of posts and tips on how to use macOS Sierra as well as even some fixes for compatibility with some things you may use, we’ve compiled this for you right here!

Griffin’s iTrip Clip Bluetooth Headphone Adapter makes Wired … Wireless instantly and seamlessly!

Whether it’s Motorola with the Moto Z, or Apple with the upcoming iPhone 7, or the many more Smartphones to come, the headphone jack is a dying breed, and it’s dying in favour of either the more high quality Wired standard of USB Audio….Read more


Why the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t really that big of a deal! Explained

Throughout technology is a world of evolution. Displays are getting brighter with more density and pixels, video is getting crispier, games are getting more and more engaging and performance is off the charts, but if there’s one thing which has stood still, it’s Audio….Read more

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Apple September Event 2016: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 updates plus AirPods

After giving us a very poor resolution teaser image, Apple today at their September Event presented what we all expected, the iPhone 7, but also a few extras along the way, which we’ll cover as we get to them….Read more



LG announce the V20

I’m not sure if “Play More” was a great slogan to get people interested in the LG Event that’s just ended, but LG went there, and have finally unveiled the V20. If you were expecting modular, look away now, like the V10 before it, the V20 is pure Smartphone, and if it follows a trend from the V10, should be a pretty awesome Smartphone with a more than decent Camera, but….Read more

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Samsung to recall Galaxy Note 7 over battery quality issues! *UPDATED*

The Galaxy Note 7 may be Samsung’s latest beast coming upon the world, but here’s some press attention they’d probably rather not have. Turns out the Galaxy Note 7 has some major battery quality issues, some of which could cause explosions. Samsung have confirmed in a statement that this is only expected to affect….Read more

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Sony announce Xperia XZ flagship, as well as X Compact and Xperia Ear

Whilst it’s clear the manufacture we’re all waiting for a flagship from isn’t Sony, it doesn’t hurt to see what they’ve got for us, heck we’ve been a big fan of Sony’s Android devices over the years, be some of them questionable recently, but Sony is hoping to change that with the Xperia XZ and the Xperia X Compact….Read more


Lenovo introduce the stylish and thin Yoga 910 Ultrabook

The Yoga 910 is a more traditional Notebook at least from Lenovo, naturally it till flips around completely, but in terms of using it, this is the Ultrabook you’re looking for. Naturally being a new Lenovo machine, the beautiful design of their hinges is always there to turn heads, and in the Yoga 910 that’s certainly no difference, but let’s look at the Notebook itself….Read more


Music Reviews


David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review

No one quite defines the definitions of unique, inspiring, more in the world of music than David Bowie. Whilst this will be unfortunately the last recorded material we will hear from him, what has been left behind is a fantastic, yet small, album with some incredible songs. Whilst like any album, Blackstar does….Read more



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