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Apple blunder allows users to downgrade and re-live iOS software, over 5 years old!

Just, what is happening to Apple recently?! If it’s not severe security problems created by themselves, if it’s not bugs and inconsistencies in their software, if it’s not dreadful management of everything they touch recently, they go and surprise us with this one! However, if you were able to take advantage of this, quite frankly, embarrassing slip up by Apple, you will likely be better off anyway!….READ MORE

Nokia 6 gets a 2018 refresh, with Snapdragon 630 and more!

Just like last year, HMD Global announce, just before the CES trade show begins, a Nokia 6 device. However, this year, with the updated 2018 version. the company has at least listened to some feedback, as, well, at least this Nokia 6 actually has some form of backbone in terms of performance! Whilst visually, minus a few design cues on the edges, the Nokia 6 may seem exactly the same as last years model, but there’s actually a number of changes….READ MORE

Google launches ‘Google Pay’, as Android Pay and Google Wallet merge!

Google made the announcement that the company will be adding new services to their existing Payment services, Android Pay and Google Wallet, followed by merging the services together in to one new branded payment system, Google Pay, or G Pay. The change won’t affect the workings or compatibility currently present with Android Pay / Google Wallet compatible apps or terminals, more it will unify the services in to one singular brand….READ MORE

“MELTDOWN” and “SPECTRE” CPU Security Vulnerabilities – All you need to know

Recently, a collection of security loopholes have being found within Computer CPUs, mostly in relation to the Intel. Above, you can see a list of the 6 major brands of CPUs (Central Processing Unit), and we can pretty much guarantee that the device you’re reading this post on, contains one of them. However, depending on which one your device does contain, could mean you’re device could be vulnerable to a collection of security flaws which could compromise data on your machines….READ MORE

Top 5 Best Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now – Q4 2017 – Our Christmas Picks

We’ve reached the end of the year, 2017, and what a year we’ve had in terms of Smartphones. Some good devices, and some rather disappointing, but that’s what makes a year in technology. But. that’s where we come in, that’s right, this is where we douse the Smartphones that have either just arrived, or are still the best from this entire year….READ MORE

Google Pixel 2 XL Review

As former, very satisfied, owners of the original Google Pixel, it was only natural we wanted to be one of the first to check out the successor to the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and so we did with the Google Pixel 2 XL. However, when it comes to a device with surrounding controversy, you don’t get much bigger than the Pixel 2 XL, maybe less so Pixel 2, so you can imagine we were even more intrigued about reviewing the device to see whether all those worries were, not only valid, but, even there at all….READ MORE

Intel and AMD actually work together on new Intel 8th Generation H Processors!

What do you do when your a company like Intel, wanting to improve the Graphics in your new Laptop CPUs, but don’t like Nvidia, hmm what to do. Well, Intel have gone way outside the usual range by, ignoring the fact they compete directly, finding another company not too fond of Nvidia, AMD….READ MORE

HTC announce the HTC U11+, with Plus screen-size and Plus Battery

We wouldn’t say HTC surprised us with the announcement of the new U11+, in terms of design and feature-set, but in terms of it’s appearance, we think it’s fair to say it wasn’t exactly expected! In terms of the differences between the regular HTC U11, which we’re actually very fond of, the U11+ takes what it had, adds an unnecessary but totally welcomed bit of flare, and naturally, the screen has become a bit less bezelly….READ MORE

Razer just made a phone … granted a dull one, but with something special to win you over?!

Anyone remember Nextbit … yeah didn’t think you did, regardless, the end result of that company is what Razer have used to create the all-new Razer Phone. Yep, that’s the same Razer brand you see plastered over Gaming PCs. For those really in the know, and who remember the Nextbit Robin, the design of the Razer Phone won’t surprise you one bit, in fact if anything you may be the people most disappointed about the….READ MORE

Nokia announce the Nokia 2, a low end Smartphone focused on Battery Life and the Normies!

Nokia, or HMD who currently power their hardware division, announced, today, the all-new Nokia 2. Has it got the specs, no, has it got the major appeal, no, but what it does have is an incredible 4,100mAh battery, which considering this guys low specifications, it’s gonna last ya! Let’s first get the meh’s out of the way, the Nokia 2 is powered by a….READ MORE


Music Reviews


Gorillaz – Humanz (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

It barely feels like the 7 years it’s been since Gorillaz released their previous album Plastic Beach, or 6 if you include The Fall, but they’re back with what’s been aimed as a disco club album according to Damon Albarn, that we will see. If lead single Saturnz Barz didn’t tempt your curiosity enough, we’re not sure what will, as with all Gorillaz albums you can expect a vast majority of genres breaking the boundaries as usual….READ MORE



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