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Apple makes minor update to Mac Pro line, with new Modular version promised in 2018, new iMacs this year!

If you’re one of the many holding on to a very much ageing Mac Pro from Apple as you wish to stick to the macOS operating system and the iMac isn’t enough for you, today might not be the update you’ve been waiting for, but will definitely be the news you were getting to the point of thinking would never happen!….READ MORE

Samsung announce the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is absolutely everything you’ve been hoping for, or absolutely everything you already knew it would be, depending on where you stand with Smartphones in 2017. One thing which is undeniable however, is it will be one of the most talked about Smartphones of 2017, and likely a favourite in the Android space….READ MORE

Apple introduces new PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. New iPad (2017), Watch bands and a new ‘Clips’ app

We have three posts covering the updates to Apple devices which you can view below here. We’ve a post dedicated to the new Watch bands and the Clips app, new iPad update and finally we talk the new iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED) colour option. Check out all the updates here;


Top 5 Best Smartphones you can buy right now – Q1 2017

Smartphones are now more popular than the PC, with billions upon billions sold every year and of course they come in many varieties, toughest question is likely which would to go for. Well, whilst it’s very likely you have your own personal preference, we’re here to help you make that decision that much easier with our quarterly Top 5 Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now….READ MORE

Amazon blames outage of a huge chunk of AWS on a “fat finger typo”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are responsible for the largest adopted Cloud service and hosting platform for more of the world wide web than any other, this is including both Microsoft Azure and Googles Cloud efforts, the ironic thing recently was that the reason more people chose to adopt AWS was it’s reliability, a fact which wasn’t entirely true as a large chunk of Amazon’s Web Services Servers went down….READ MORE

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S8??? (UPDATE: Yes)

Reliable mobile phone leaker Evan Blass of evleaks, this morning posted what looks like an official press image of the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s first flagship phone of 2017. As is clear from the image, it’s clear that Samsung is taking the same curved side-bezel-less design of what LG have done with the LG G6, but of course the difference with the Galaxy S8 is that it bends physically around as has been the case with “Edge” variants of Samsung’s devices previously….READ MORE

Porsche Design announce what they call “the worlds first convertible and detachable 2 in 1”, the Book One (… even though the Surface Book is a thing!)

If you don’t know what Porsche Design is, it’s essentially a product in the same kind of category as anything else, literally with a Porsche brand on it … that’s literally it, and that get’s shown off again by this, the Porsche Design Book One. You’re probably thinking, that looks familiar, which is odd as Porsche Design are claiming this is the world’s first convertible and detachable 2-in-1 … which continues to be odd….READ MORE

Sony announce the Xperia XZs and XZ Premium 4K Smartphone!

With big names like LG out of the way at Mobile World Congress, you’d be forgiven to thinking we were not going to see any hardware announced running Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 835, but it looks like an unlikely brand is here to change that in Sony. Sony have announced two phones at Mobile World Congress, the Xperia XZs which honestly is hardly even an update, then the flagship the behemoth that is the Xperia XZ Premium….READ MORE

Samsung begin teasing the Galaxy S8, set for March?

Samsung’s 2017 flagship phones are about to move beyond mere rumor and speculation very soon as Samsung has begun teasing the arrival of the Galaxy S8 on March 29 through invites sent out to press, in addiiton to a teaser at the end of its Mobile World Congress 2017 press conference. In it, the company invites customers to “unbox their phones,”….READ MORE

Motorola announce the Moto G5 and G5 Plus

It may not be the most prettiest thing on the planet, but Motorola have indeed announced the successor to their infamous Moto G line, this being the Moto G5 as well as the G5+. Like the previous generation Moto G, the Moto G5 models focus on value for money whilst still getting a very decent experience surrounding a mostly stock Android experience….READ MORE


Music Reviews


Gorillaz – Humanz (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

It barely feels like the 7 years it’s been since Gorillaz released their previous album Plastic Beach, or 6 if you include The Fall, but they’re back with what’s been aimed as a disco club album according to Damon Albarn, that we will see. If lead single Saturnz Barz didn’t tempt your curiosity enough, we’re not sure what will, as with all Gorillaz albums you can expect a vast majority of genres breaking the boundaries as usual….READ MORE



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