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Apple releases new “Designed by Apple in California” book, starting at $199 / £169!

This is a new book released by Apple that will set you back either $199 (£169), or $299 (£249), depending on which size you prefer. The ‘Designed by Apple in California’, is a book to highlight a visual history of 20 years of Apple design, ‘spanning iMac to Apple Pencil, complete with the descriptions of innovative materials and techniques’….READ MORE

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OnePlus announce the OnePlus 3T, a moderate improvement over the existing model

It was barely June, this year, we were talking about OnePlus’ offering in the OnePlus 3, yet here we are a few months later with a new version, the OnePlus 3T. As the name would suggest, and definitely its appearance, we’re looking at a minor spec bump improvement over the latter version, so we would say, if any of these improvements aren’t necessary for you, this….READ MORE

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HTC announce the HTC Bolt, the latest Smartphone with no Headphone Jack …

Whilst typically we’re hard on HTC, 2016 has been a considerably hard year for the company for really no reason! The HTC 10 was, and remains, actually a fantastic Smartphone and one we feel deserves a lot more love, but when it comes to the new US Carrier exclusive, the HTC Bolt, this may end up being where the older HTC returns….READ MORE

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Google Pixel Review

When Google announced the Google Pixel at their “madebygoogle” Event earlier last month, I think it’s fair to say we weren’t too impressed with the thing, which isn’t exactly surprising to look at the thing, on the surface. The device doesn’t exactly spring out as an exciting device at all, but that’s not where the Pixel shines, the Pixel shines once you power it on….READ MORE

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Apple October “Hello Again” Event 2016

We were actually interesting in seeing what Apple branded the new “future Pro notebook”, and, well, that’s what we got in the new MacBook Pro, both 13 and 15 inch variants. What we didn’t get however was any….READ MORE

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Samsung halts sales and production of Galaxy Note 7

The journey, and, let’s be honest, drama, surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has now officially come to end as the company ceases production of the device, and, now has stopped global sale of the device. On top of this, Samsung now is advising owners of the originally shipped units, AND replacement units, to power down their Galaxy Note 7 and….READ MORE


Users of Spotify Free advised to uninstall the service due to Malware-filled Ads on Windows and Mac app

Users of the ad-based Spotify free service have been advised to stop using the service and uninstall the Application as the service is doing more than displaying ads, it’s installed malware on to Desktop computers affecting….READ MORE

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Google #madebygoogle Hardware Event 2016

Google have never been very good at hardware, having had a vast range of Nexus device since forever, none of them have ever really taken off, though that’s something Google are hoping to change with their hardware event today, however we still think they’re dreaming based on what we’ve seen, which we’ll get to now….READ MORE

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Top 5 Best Smartphones you can buy right now – Q3 2016 (UPDATED)

With such a wide collection of Smartphones available these days, it can sometimes be hard to pick the best one for you. Having said that, when we decided to pick out the best five Smartphones, we weren’t struggling finding the Smartphones to include in the list, more the position to give them…..READ MORE

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Apple iPhone 7 Review

On the face of things, the iPhone 7 isn’t really much to write home about, for those who’ve either seen or owned an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, you’ll probably be looking at the above press image by Apple and thinking what’s changed, and you’d be right to as for the most part the design of the iPhone 7 is more or less the same….READ MORE


Music Reviews


Tom Chaplin – The Wave (Deluxe Edition) Review

The Wave is a valiant effort and delivers a collection of great tracks you’ll be singing for years to come. The Wave isn’t the best album you’ll hear, but definitely a great effort by Tom Chaplin, it features a collection of incredible songs, though it’s more than fair to say you’re much better off purchasing or listening to the Deluxe version of the album as that’s where the consistently….READ MORE



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