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Samsung announce the eagerly anticipated Galaxy Note 7

As expected Samsung straight up skipped the number 6 in their Galaxy Note line, going straight in to 7 revealing this, the Galaxy Note 7, and unfortunately (kinda) it is the same handset that indeed leaked earlier, for better or worse. For the longest time Samsung pitted the Galaxy Note line as the big one, literally, in terms of both size and dimensions and specifications and features, though that changed….Read more

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Blackberry officially announces the affordable and secure DTEK50

After releasing the rather over-priced just-OK Blackberry PRIV, Blackberry seem to be taking things a bit more seriously in terms at least of price, with their new beautifully named device, the DTEK50. Blackberry are once again promoting the DTEK50, like the PRIV, as the most secure Android device you can get, running….Read more

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A ‘Google’ Phone and Watch Rumoured?!

Google has always being a strange company, however if current new rumours are to be believed, they’re going to begin to be a very confusing company too. To get in to why the rumours of….Read more

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Top 5 Best Smartphones you can buy right now – Q2 2016

With such a wide collection of Smartphones available these days, it can sometimes be hard to pick the best one for you. Having said that, when we decided to pick out the best five Smartphones, we weren’t struggling finding the Smartphones to include in the list, more the position to give them….Read more

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Microsoft reportedly working on a Surface All-in-One PC

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Surface device, however this Surface won’t be a mobile device, it’s expected to be a fully fledged Desktop All-in-One. Microsoft already has taken on the Tablet market with it’s original Surface design, which when paired with the companies Type Cover offers a rather solid Tablet / Laptop hybrid, then….Read more

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Android Apps on Chrome OS? What is it really like? (At least, for now)

When Google announced that Chrome OS would be able to get the true Play Store, as in the same Play Store found on Android devices, it’s pretty fair to say us and everyone saw this as a stupid idea, and those who didn’t have seriously not thought through how this would work (keyboard and mouse, versus Touch and motion), so we….Read more

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Tap to Pay ‘Officially’ coming to Microsoft Wallet (US)

After being leaked to the point where it could even have being installed, Microsoft have finally officially announced that their Microsoft Wallet on Windows 10 Mobile will be getting ‘Tap to Pay’ Contactless Payments. Microsoft have adopted the same standard of which is being actively used and deployed worldwide using Apple Pay and Android Pay, which makes….Read more

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How the Keyboard and Pencil make the iPad truly “Pro”

OK, hear us out, we know the iPad is never going to replace the PC of many individuals, but for the majority of consumers though it is now much more possible to do with the iPad Pro models available. Now, we know what you’re….Read more

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OnePlus finally announce the OnePlus 3

OnePlus have finally took the wraps off their third affordable flagship device, the OnePlus 3, a brand new NO INVITE REQUIRED Android flagship packing quite a lot of what you would expect out of a 2016 flagship … and did we mention it’s only £309 / $399 SIM Free from the OnePlus website!….Read more

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Apple WWDC 2016: watchOS 3, tvOS, macOS Sierra and iOS 10

Many would argue that this years WWDC 2016 was different in regards that Apple went straight to the Software and nothing else, bringing us back to the iOS 8 days when it’s feature then feature then feature without the gimmicks in between … and whilst sure their were less time wasted spent on joking around, we wouldn’t say the updates and keynote wasn’t exactly gimmick free, but alas with the updates….Read more


Music Reviews


David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review

No one quite defines the definitions of unique, inspiring, more in the world of music than David Bowie. Whilst this will be unfortunately the last recorded material we will hear from him, what has been left behind is a fantastic, yet small, album with some incredible songs. Whilst like any album, Blackstar does….Read more



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