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Microsoft announce a duo of powerful new Surface Books

It may have taken 2 years to arrive, but they finally did, the successor to the original Surface Book is here, and it’s brought a larger more powerful friend with it. That’s right, the Surface Book 2 isn’t just one form factor, but two itself, the same 13.5 inch remains, but now a larger beefier 15 inch model enters the race. Just like the original Surface Book devices, the form factor is the same rather bulky and heavy design, with that incredibly divisive hinge….READ MORE

Google ‘madebygoogle’ Event 2017

It’s that time of year again, one year since the very first, the madebygoogle Event is here, and Google had a collection of products announced at the Event. Whilst most really only cared about the Pixel smartphones, Google had a collection of additions to that list. To find out all from what Google announced at the Event, you can check out our full write up here!….READ MORE

Top 5 Best Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now – Q3 2017

We’re now at Q3 2017 to cover our list of the Top 5 Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now. Check out the 5 best Smartphone choices available for you right now. It’s going to be a tough list after a plethora of new and incredible Smartphone releases since our Q2 list….READ MORE

Apple Event – September 2017

The Steve Jobs’ Theatre at the all-new Apple Park hosted it’s first Event today, the Apple Special Event to announce the 10th anniversary iPhone. Whilst most of what Apple is expected to announce has pretty much been revealed via leaks, let’s see what Apple announced regardless. If kicking off with The Beatles wasn’t a Steve Jobs beginning enough, a real look at Apple’s new Park and Steve Jobs Theatre was shown off, and it’s pretty easy to say this is one place which only….READ MORE

LG announce the all-new LG V30

This is the flagship from LG we were truly waiting for, this beast of a device, is probably going to be the first Smartphone that will make LG’s Korean rivals look back, with it’s gorgeous display which is FINALLY OLED, the highest end Audio you’re going to find (in terms of playback) and the worlds widest Aperture Camera in a Smartphone! Whilst the device may sound pretty huge with a 6 inch display, the bezels on the V30 are actually smaller….READ MORE

Sony announce the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact

Sony are one of those companies that just love announcing new phones, problem is they also love announcing new phones that aren’t that much different to what’s already out there, and the XZ1 series of Smartphones is more or less just that. Sony recently announced the XZ Premium Smartphone, which is an incredible 4K displayed powerhouse, but that display comes at a price. If you wanted those internals, but….READ MORE

Samsung announce new Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Icon X Smart Devices!

Samsung have kicked things off early by announcing a collection of Wearable Smart Devices. Whilst Samsung’s Gear devices aren’t always the most popular choice for those on Android, they did recently gain iOS compatibility as well, making this a very compelling choice for those looking for some Android Wear alternatives!….READ MORE

Google (pretty much) admits they were wrong on AR, introducing ARCore to tackle Apple’s ARKit!

Google today announced, via their VR channels, a new player on the virtual reality game, or at least augmented reality, ARCore! Now, before you get as confused as most Google followers will be, this isn’t the same as Google Tango, which the company was barely talking about at this years Google I/O, this is an AR approach which will be available on more or less all current and future Android devices….READ MORE

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is EXACTLY what you’d expect!

Call us the bored ones, but when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announced today, we’re kind of on left-field in terms of whether to be impressed or incredibly disappointed! It was, barely just, March, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S8, with it’s all new “infinity display” and finicky Fingerprint scanner, and if we told you then that pretty much that phone with a Pen would be the Note 8, you’d probably share our disappointment, yet here we are!….READ MORE

This is the Nokia 8, the Company’s all-new 2017 Android Flagship

With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Quad-HD Display and ZEISS Optics powering the 3 Camera this thing has, the Nokia 8 is definitely an example of a Company pushing out all the stops at making a Flagship phone feel like what they’re known for, and that’s awesome. The last time we had a flagship from Nokia was 2014, and it sure as heck wasn’t running Android out of the box. The Windows Phone powered Lumia 930 was an incredible Smartphone, however….READ MORE


Music Reviews


Gorillaz – Humanz (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

It barely feels like the 7 years it’s been since Gorillaz released their previous album Plastic Beach, or 6 if you include The Fall, but they’re back with what’s been aimed as a disco club album according to Damon Albarn, that we will see. If lead single Saturnz Barz didn’t tempt your curiosity enough, we’re not sure what will, as with all Gorillaz albums you can expect a vast majority of genres breaking the boundaries as usual….READ MORE



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