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OnePlus announce the OnePlus 6 with yet another price hike!

Flagship specs meets with a surprisingly cheap price, that’s always being the surprise with OnePlus devices, though the trend is getting less and less so as the years keep going by. Having said that, their Smartphones are getting better and better, so it begs the question on where further compromise for price would lead us. Where are we going with this? When OnePlus came from the shadows and announced the original OnePlus One, it was almost a joke at just how cheap….READ MORE

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Google IO 2018: Combination of creepy and inspired?!

Google IO 2018 has just ended, and as always Google had a lot to talk about at their annual developers conference, but how much actually is relevant and important to you and me, well let’s take a look shall we. As always, Google showed off their latest efforts in the world of Android, as well as the myriad of Google services….READ MORE

LG G7 is official, and it’s just like the leaks

After all the rumours and recent leaks, LG finally unveiled their LG G7, under an interesting name, “LG G7 ThinQ” which is quite a mouthful. The device is expected to go on pre-order this coming May 11th for just under £600 RRP, which is actually a very good price for what you’re getting, which begs the question, just what are you getting? First let’s talk about that display as, yes, there’s a “notch” which plagues the top of the display, as well as a surprising gap at the bottom larger than the top, a new trend on Android….READ MORE

Apple announce updated low-cost iPad and a few benefits for students at Education Event 2018 … though not much else

Apple is a victim of many things, and if there’s something it’s a victim of over the last few years it’s over-expectancy. Think it’s a fair assessment to say folks were expecting an event, similar to the one Apple had pretty much this time last year, where they announced the lower cost iPad, iPhone SE, red iPhone 7 and the Clips app. This year, they went a lot less on the announcement front, if anything, disappointed pretty much everyone in the process….READ MORE

ASUS made an “iPhone X running Android”, which no one asked for!

What you can see above are two Smartphones, the first on the left, the iPhone X, and on the right, the new ASUS Zenfone 5, look familiar?! Well, this isn’t anything new, we’ve seen a collection of iPhone X “clones”, as all iPhones get that clone treatment, but with the iPhone X, that it’s a bit easier as it has the notch to copy. However, ASUS claim the Zenfone 5 will cost half the price of the iPhone X, when it launches in May, and should….READ MORE

VIVO show off the Apex concept phone, with the tiniest Bezels you will ever see!

Yes, it’s a concept, and unlike VIVO’s previous “first to market” offering of an in-Display fingerprint scanner, this one isn’t go on sale for you to purchase, but come on, look at this thing! You can wave goodbye to all the iPhone X looks futuristic shenanigans going round, this is how you make a Smartphone that’s “all display”, as, you can’t rely deny that it’s not! Whilst this won’t go on sale like the last VIVO phone we spoke about with the….READ MORE

Samsung confirm they will release a Bixby speaker, later this year!

Some companies do the unthinkable, some do the unexpected, however, when it comes to Samsung, it looks like they’re going to do the unwanted. We wish we could slightly defend Bixby, though it honestly is one of the biggest annoyances of Samsung devices since it’s debut on the Galaxy S8, but the company ain’t quitting and are continuing their Bixby efforts to a greater scale….READ MORE

Sony announce the rather underwhelming Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

Sony promised a lot from this years Xperia line, a fresher new design, and a return to curves, as they put it. However, whilst Sony do deliver on those promises, we can’t help but feel like, once again with a Sony, they could have just done so much more. One thing we continue to praise, however, about Sony, is how when they release a flagship, they also release a smaller variant of the same flagship for those of us who don’t have hands the size of a 30 stone behemoth, to which the XZ2 Compact is a great new addition. However, it’s the larger XZ2 that we have more problems with….READ MORE

Samsung DeX Pad is a second generation, and much more portable, version of the same idea!

Samsung DeX is yet another version of an idea which nearly everyone claims to have. The ability to use your Smartphone alone, as your PC. Samsung’s previous DeX was a bit on the chunky side, and far from what you’d call portable, the new revision changes that with a more portable design. Being portable, typically means less features right? Wrong. The same exact DeX features continue and live on with the DeX Pad, in fact they get better with the 2140p….READ MORE

Samsung announce the Galaxy S9 and S9+

Whilst leaks may have slightly ruined the show, including one from Samsung themselves, it won’t stop the huge interest in what is arguably one of the most anticipated Smartphones of 2018, this, the Galaxy S9. On the surface, it’s clear that the Galaxy S9 is going to be yet another iterative update to the Galaxy line, though that won’t stop it from being the best Smartphone you can get on the Android platform right now. Whether it’s the impressive spec-sheet, the incredible….READ MORE


Music Reviews


Gorillaz – Humanz (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

It barely feels like the 7 years it’s been since Gorillaz released their previous album Plastic Beach, or 6 if you include The Fall, but they’re back with what’s been aimed as a disco club album according to Damon Albarn, that we will see. If lead single Saturnz Barz didn’t tempt your curiosity enough, we’re not sure what will, as with all Gorillaz albums you can expect a vast majority of genres breaking the boundaries as usual….READ MORE



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