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RKUK Entertainment was a Video Production brand from RKUK Online, running between 2003 and 2011.

Throughout a span of nearly 8 years, RKUK Entertainment saw the birth of multiple productions, most noted being Dr Conrad and The Limit. You can span through the archives here upon all productions created under the RKUK Entertainment service.

Dr Conrad

Dr Conrad is an estranged Dr who has the most unusual of requests and missions his bestowed assassin must endure. Unfortunately for the assassin, things never seem to work out as planned.

The Limit

Inspired by Braniac, The Limit takes upon the change of taking everyday items and more to their Limit. Running for just 12 Episodes, the show embarked on a multitude of borderline interesting to outright random adventures.

Shocking Stuff

Shockin’ Stuff was the RKUK attempt at a Game show. Whilst production limitations only led to a Promo and a Pilot, both are available on RKUK Media. The hope to build on Shockin’ Stuff in the future still remains a hope.

The Field Mini Movie

The Field was a production created essentially as a horror movie, involves Investigators, Sheep and a Field. What more could you possibly want. We like to think this was an inspiration for the Black Sheep film, but we can’t prove this.

Rob’s Challenges and Adventures

Throughout the RKUK Entertainment years, a number of Challenges and Adventures took place featuring Rob, from Dog Food to climbing dangerous obstacles.

The Strength Ball

The Strength Ball was one of the weakest and lowest production value collection of surprisingly popular episodes on RKUK Entertainment.

Give or take a few weeks and months, 1,000s of views. Definitely more picking a trend than anything else.

Marvin’ and Alvin

Marvin and Alvin was yet another production intended for more episodes, but ended up with 2 Pilot episodes as the limit. However, the premise of how far you can take “to the wine cellar” became a notable limitation.


Plankin’ was a production that was created on a whim like most productions. Important to state this was nothing to do with the Planking phase which took place years after.

Mini Magnetic Food Ad / Portable Kitchen

Created as a mockery of shopping channels such as QVC and the like, the Mini Magnetic Food Ad was created as the ultimate solution of a lifetime on the go. Inspired by BlameSociety’s “Salsa Chassis”


In 2009 and 2010, RKUK went Live. A duo of live productions were produced by RKUK’s Ben Hunter and Rob and resulted in the Christmas classic 3 Wise Men … & Jeff as well as a Joker Scene.

Other Less Major Productions

  • Dr Conrad Inspiration (Randall & Hopkirk)
  • Dr Conrad Updates (that unfortunately led to nothing)
  • National Tree-hugging Society
  • Grandad Lee up a Ladder
  • Hulk & Wonderwomen
  • Agricultural Evil
  • RKUK History

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