Is Blackberry even losing in the Enterprise?!!!

Following some rather painful, well let’s be honest, dreadful earnings by Blackberry now in the last year or so, it’s becoming rather apparent that the future of the company remains in worry. Blackberry was hoping its Blackberry 10 operating system and devices was going to save it from collapse, but the numbers still aren’t lookingContinue reading “Is Blackberry even losing in the Enterprise?!!!”

Why Google acquiring Motorola Mobility is a Big Deal

As you know when it comes to Google Android I will never be known as a fan, in fact the experience I had with the purchase of an HTC Android device back in 2008 made me so stressed with the platform I even stopped using Google Search for a while, hated it. At the timeContinue reading “Why Google acquiring Motorola Mobility is a Big Deal”

Apple release iOS 4.2 – Is It Worth It For iPhone?

Apple have released (today) iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad. Now whilst the update boasts many new updates to the amazingment that is the iPhone operating system, all upgrades seem to be for the iPad, so whats in it for the iPhone, well, lets see. Find My iPhone! If you’ve any reason to get iOSContinue reading “Apple release iOS 4.2 – Is It Worth It For iPhone?”

Keane – My Shadow Danny Dance Remix Review

With great music comes great remixes, and Keane are definitely no exception. My Shadow is a song made as an extra for ‘Perfect Symmetry’ album for Keane as an iTunes exclusive, and released fully through the ‘Night Train’ EP. The remix for My Shadow has been created by DannyDance The remix starts off with aContinue reading “Keane – My Shadow Danny Dance Remix Review”

Is the iPhone 3GS worth it for current iPhone or iPhone 3G users?

(Image showing original iPhone (left) and the iPhone 3G black back) Now remember back, the release of the first iPhone available in 4GB and 8GB models, a touch screen iPod, a revolutionary internet device and a phone, actually more-or-less how Steve Jobs announced it, along with iPhone Software 1.0. But to be honest that wasContinue reading “Is the iPhone 3GS worth it for current iPhone or iPhone 3G users?”

Is the Nintendo DSi Worth It?

Only a few weeks now since Nintendo started shipping whats called the Nintendo DSi, the latest update to the DS series, but is that all it is, just an update, if you compare it with the PSP, many feel the PSP 3000 is just a design upgrade and no real change to even the originalContinue reading “Is the Nintendo DSi Worth It?”

Why is (anything).(anything) such a bad idea for websites?

Its been going round the news that websites will no longer have to stick to these random fixed country domains like .com .fr .es (etc) Many around the world are wondering if completly personal ones should be introduced personally I think it shouldn’t be, and in this I intend to make you aggree! —Continue reading “Why is (anything).(anything) such a bad idea for websites?”

Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue

[[[UPDATE]]] To get all Protocols back catalogue now; All Protocol songs are available to download from RKUK Media, click the Play button at the left side of what you want. You can both play and download all songs! Rules of Engagement The unreleased album by Protocol B-Sides Protocol b-sides from the two released singles. AcousticContinue reading “Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue”

The last school holiday is finally over!

I’m possibly the only person that thinks this holiday has dragged, but it has been quite an adventurous holiday so I guess thats about right! Doesn’t quite feel like the same holiday which is actually for Easter but their you go. This is the last school holiday I’m going to have as at the endContinue reading “The last school holiday is finally over!”