Samsung announces a hideous all in one PC, lazily named the Samsung All in One!

In a world of Apple iMacs, and even Microsoft’s Surface Studio, we’ve some incredible All in One PCs out there, which offer a premium build quality, beautiful design all in coming together to make a very desirable offering, so you’d think that if a company as big as Samsung was to make an All inContinue reading “Samsung announces a hideous all in one PC, lazily named the Samsung All in One!”

OnePlus finally announce the OnePlus 3

OnePlus have finally took the wraps off their third affordable flagship device, the OnePlus 3, a brand new NO INVITE REQUIRED Android flagship packing quite a lot of what you would expect out of a 2016 flagship … and did we mention it’s only £309 / $399 SIM Free from the OnePlus website! Compared to the OnePlusContinue reading “OnePlus finally announce the OnePlus 3”

HTC announce the all-new HTC 10

HTC have finally announced their flagship for 2016, the HTC 10. As HTC remove the M from the name of it’s devices, as well as One for that matter, we’re hoping this is the sight of a company moving on from it’s most recent moments and can return to form brought with devices such asContinue reading “HTC announce the all-new HTC 10”

OnePlus X Review

Straight from unboxing the OnePlus X, it was clear that the OnePlus X wasn’t going to be a typical £199 device, even the box feels like something you’d expect from the likes of Apple, or competing in the £500+, then when it comes to competing against other lower priced devices such as the Moto G,Continue reading “OnePlus X Review”

OnePlus 2 announced by the company

The announcement came rather as predicted, OnePlus have indeed announced the OnePlus 2, whilst not quite as value for money as the original OnePlus One, it’s still an incredible value for money considering what you get for your money, more on that soon. Whilst the device does feature incredible high end specs that you’d expectContinue reading “OnePlus 2 announced by the company”

HTC announce all new One M9+ with Quad HD Display

Ever get the feeling you’re sounding like a broken record, yep HTC have announced yet another “+” variant for their HTC One family following the E9+ announcement, HTC have finally unveiled the “+” we were all waiting for, the HTC One M9+. But, before we continue with all praise and forte, we have to askContinue reading “HTC announce all new One M9+ with Quad HD Display”

HTC announce One E9+ with Quad HD Display

HTC surprised us all, well nearly all us we saw this coming, by announcing the all new successor to the E8, the E9+. The obvious first question is what’s with the Plus, well, unlike the E8, the E9 has actually higher specs across the board than the HTC One M9 recently announced, which whilst isContinue reading “HTC announce One E9+ with Quad HD Display”

HTC announces the HTC One M9

Alongside a VR handset we’re not going to talk about here, HTC today unveiled the successor to the HTC One M8, expectedly named the HTC One M9. Whilst we, like many were big fans of the HTC One M8, especially in terms of industrial design and software experience, we most certainly was not impressed withContinue reading “HTC announces the HTC One M9”

Microsoft demos the upcoming Windows 10!

From a unified core from the ground up, to the literal same operating systems and platform across Phone, Tablet, Console to general PC, this is the next version of Windows, or what we know so far about Windows 10 … because 9 just wasn’t good enough right?! We should point out before we begin, WindowsContinue reading “Microsoft demos the upcoming Windows 10!”

Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Benchmark Results Are In and Surprising!

Whenever any Smartphone OEM releases a mobile device, one of the first thing we all hunt for is the specs, how it compares to what we have now, how it compares to last years/gen, and it’s all gone more than out of control. But, one device that always seems to have almost a laughable specContinue reading “Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Benchmark Results Are In and Surprising!”

HTC unviels the One M8 for Windows

You can look at the M8 for Windows in two ways, on one end it’s a lazy re-release of a family of Android devices with just a different OS packed on to it, or you can look at as a very interesting marketing trend that could, emphasis on could, really take off, I mean oneContinue reading “HTC unviels the One M8 for Windows”

HTC announce HTC One Mini 2

After months of rumours and speculation, not to mention the highest level of leaks, the mini version of the new HTC One M8 is finally here … brace yourself for the worst name ever, the HTC One Mini 2. Whilst it’s not full of the highest specs, something we’ve come to expect from mini versions,Continue reading “HTC announce HTC One Mini 2”