Samsung announces a hideous all in one PC, lazily named the Samsung All in One!

In a world of Apple iMacs, and even Microsoft’s Surface Studio, we’ve some incredible All in One PCs out there, which offer a premium build quality, beautiful design all in coming together to make a very desirable offering, so you’d think that if a company as big as Samsung was to make an All inContinue reading “Samsung announces a hideous all in one PC, lazily named the Samsung All in One!”

Sony announces PlayStation 4

It was leaked, it was highly anticipated, we honestly weren’t sure whether to be impressed by it, but it’s official! Live on stage in New York, Sony’s Andrew House announced the PlayStation 4 games console! Whilst everything is pretty much as it leaked, the Apple karma, everything just look pretty damn spec heavy, although physicalContinue reading “Sony announces PlayStation 4”

The Late Late Show – 19th December 2011 [HD] The Late Late Show 19th December 2011 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig kicks of the show with a festive beginning with the other Geoff, then joined by guest Regis Philbin and The Goo Goo Dolls perform ‘All That You Are’. *The Late Late Show is now available in many versions. TheContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 19th December 2011 [HD]”

Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all

Haven’t been writing much blogs recently, well apart from some blogs on tech, which I have to make an update on, since I started on TechnoBuffalo I’ve had some incredible reception with over 120 comments praising my work for only 9 blogs, which can only be a good sign, so yeah thanks Jon Rettinger andContinue reading “Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all”

Blog Thursday 20th November 2008

Since my last blog I have been attacked by a pidgeon, envied an american and tripped over a pencil, yeh, it is all happening now!!! Wednesdays at college used to be just as bad as Mondays as they were the only days that were full days, today being the day off, yeaah! But now WednesdaysContinue reading “Blog Thursday 20th November 2008”

The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!

Apple have given us alot in the past few years and its not since just a little tint was done to the MacBook Pro to make it tad thinner, but now its time for business, these babies mean it! MacBook Above is the regular white MacBook, made of plastic, which will still be available startingContinue reading “The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!”

Rumours of all new Aluminum MacBooks?

Yes all that is spelt right aluminum! OK american spelling but anyway :: Their have been rumors of a future MacBook which will be thinner, have multi-touch and be made of aluminum rather than plastic as on current models, almost like the new iMacs changed! As you can probably tell this is quite annoying forContinue reading “Rumours of all new Aluminum MacBooks?”

Script Writing – All Going Smoothly!

Just to let everyone know that we are script writing for the Dr Conrad Movie and our new gangster spin-off, we are going to title “Click”, script writing seems to be going smoothly but Click seems to be going better than Dr Conrad in speed of completion so the Dr Conrad Movie maybe a bitContinue reading “Script Writing – All Going Smoothly!”