Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps

Apple has refreshed (FINALLY) updated the Mac Pro and trust me, this is the Mac we’ve all been waiting for. The Mac Pro won’t be available until August but what you’re getting is a powerhouse of a computer. Apple are boasting the fact that the Mac Pro will have an insane 12-cores! Like before you will have the option, now of 4-core, 8-core and 12-core respectively.

Seen as the Mac Pro is the most customisable Mac you can get its rather hard to tell you how much it is going to cost, and seen as Apple are yet to release UK pricing then that settles that for now. So we’ll just tell you what you can do with it if you want to max it out.

Check out this unbelievable maxed out specs for this Mac Pro;
12-core 2.93GHz made up of 2x Intel Westmere 6-core processors side by side
32GB DDR3 RAM (4x8GB)
2GB GDDR5 made up of 2x ATI Radeon HD 5770.
With the incredible ATI Graphics the Mac Pro can support up to 6 displays (30″)
8TB ATA 3Gbs/s Storage OR 4x 512MB SSD (2TB in total)
18x SuperDrive, yes not BluRay, but these are fast drives.
RAID Card with 512MB of RAID Cache

With this and more, the Mac Pro is a beast of a machine, don’t get us wrong you’ll have to be a worthy contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to afford the top spec machine but but this and one of Apple’s new displays and you’ve got a bluddy beast of a machine.
Check out information on the new Mac Pro here, the Mac Pro will go on sale in August.

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