Google Services on Windows Phone 8 – It is possible!

Google is a big company, yes we know that’s obvious, but it had to be said, and despite popularity in mobile and now an attempt in Desktop, Google’s heart is online and they have an insane amount of online services helping Google become one of, if not the, most well known company online. Aside fromContinue reading “Google Services on Windows Phone 8 – It is possible!”

NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review

I’ve always been interested in Windows Phone, ever since Microsoft decided to do something with its mobile platform back in 2010, and out came Windows Phone 7. At the time though, Windows Phone 7 was lacking even the basic of features such as threaded e-mail, copy and paste and multitasking. But now with Mango, theseContinue reading “NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review”

Nokia Lumia 800 and its effects on the Windows Phone platform!

Nokia Lumia 800 The new NOKIA Lumia 800 is a device with one word at the back of Microsoft and NOKIAs mind, “risk”. The Lumia 800 is the first device to arrive from the Microsoft-Nokia partnership announced earlier this year, and to any NOKIA fanatic its basically an N9 running Windows Phone right? Well, nearly,Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 800 and its effects on the Windows Phone platform!”

Apple release physical version of Mac OS X Lion

Apple have, after many was noted to be shipping to Apple Stores, released Mac OS X Lion in physical form. But seen as Apple doesn’t seem to be a fan of the optical disc anymore, the physical version comes in the form of a USB Thumb Drive. Advantages of USB Thumb Drive version of LionContinue reading “Apple release physical version of Mac OS X Lion”

Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps

Apple has refreshed (FINALLY) updated the Mac Pro and trust me, this is the Mac we’ve all been waiting for. The Mac Pro won’t be available until August but what you’re getting is a powerhouse of a computer. Apple are boasting the fact that the Mac Pro will have an insane 12-cores! Like before youContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps”

Apple July 2010 Update – iMac Spec Bumps

Apple today have unleashed some spec bumps to the full line-up of the iMac line. The most notably in which is the replacement of Intels Core 2 Duo with Intels more powerful Core-i3 as well as some fantastic graphics for your money. Here are the full specs of the new iMac line. 21.5 inch modelContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – iMac Spec Bumps”

Hey, where are you?

I’m writing this quickie to let people know I am still alive. This week has been very hecktic due to multiple things going very wrong. On Tuesday my Mac, yes my Mac, broke down for some reason, and according to Apple, “we’ve never had ought like this before!”, yeh! So not happy about that. SoContinue reading “Hey, where are you?”

The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!

Apple have given us alot in the past few years and its not since just a little tint was done to the MacBook Pro to make it tad thinner, but now its time for business, these babies mean it! MacBook Above is the regular white MacBook, made of plastic, which will still be available startingContinue reading “The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!”