Google (pretty much) admits they were wrong on AR, introducing ARCore to tackle Apple’s ARKit!

Google today announced, via their VR channels, a new player on the virtual reality game, or at least augmented reality, ARCore! Now, before you get as confused as most Google followers will be, this isn’t the same as Google Tango, which the company was barely talking about at this years Google I/O, this is an AR approachContinue reading “Google (pretty much) admits they were wrong on AR, introducing ARCore to tackle Apple’s ARKit!”

Microsoft talks Solitaire, but hints on some cool Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Game Integration

Solitaire, Minesweeper, Freecell, I could go on, they’ve been the forefront of the legendary “included Windows games” forever now, but it now seems that Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 8, will not come bundled with these games, and will only be available as a seperate install from the Windows Store. The game is still howeverContinue reading “Microsoft talks Solitaire, but hints on some cool Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Game Integration”

Are Android Multi-Core Phones All They’re Made to Be?

One of the most voiced criticisms we hear of multi-core mobile processors, in addition to “why do you even need that much processing power on a smartphone, anyway”, is that all the cores in the world aren’t going to do much for performance when software isn’t taking full advantage of them. Intel, a relative newbieContinue reading “Are Android Multi-Core Phones All They’re Made to Be?”

Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps

Apple has refreshed (FINALLY) updated the Mac Pro and trust me, this is the Mac we’ve all been waiting for. The Mac Pro won’t be available until August but what you’re getting is a powerhouse of a computer. Apple are boasting the fact that the Mac Pro will have an insane 12-cores! Like before youContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps”

Apple July 2010 Update – iMac Spec Bumps

Apple today have unleashed some spec bumps to the full line-up of the iMac line. The most notably in which is the replacement of Intels Core 2 Duo with Intels more powerful Core-i3 as well as some fantastic graphics for your money. Here are the full specs of the new iMac line. 21.5 inch modelContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – iMac Spec Bumps”

April 2010 – Apple Updates MacBook Pro Specs, but that’s about it.

Apple today updated the specs on the MacBook Pro line-up, the 13, 15 and 17 inch models all got a spec update which should keep them up to date for the next few months or so. The update includes, as expected, Intel’s new mobile Core i5 and i7 chips as well as some updated NVidiaContinue reading “April 2010 – Apple Updates MacBook Pro Specs, but that’s about it.”

WWDC 2009 – New MacBook Pros and Mac OSX Snow Leopard

Conference starts with PC trying to wish the conference well, fails miserably, rather funny. Mac says have a great conference! Out comes Phil Schiller to start the conference, starts by announcing Mac OSX users have now tripled in the last two years, basically 3 times more Macs exist in the world from two years ago!Continue reading “WWDC 2009 – New MacBook Pros and Mac OSX Snow Leopard”

New Mac Pro, in fact two!

Apple have also improved the Mac Pro, the beast computer from Apple, in fact they’ve made two, one is a Quad-Core and one is an 8-Core. Also featuring the ‘Nahelem’ processors from Intel meaning even faster and more realiable processing, according to Apple almost 2x previous model. Two versions, why? Don’t know really, probably toContinue reading “New Mac Pro, in fact two!”

The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!

Apple have given us alot in the past few years and its not since just a little tint was done to the MacBook Pro to make it tad thinner, but now its time for business, these babies mean it! MacBook Above is the regular white MacBook, made of plastic, which will still be available startingContinue reading “The all new MacBooks!!! err WOo!”