Apple July 2010 Update – Magic Trackpad, Apple Battery Charger and Cinema Displays

This is the last of the trio of updates that Apple have made, but inside the last update is another three updates. Apple have updated one product and introduced two completely new ones!

Cinema Display Update

Well, less of an update but there you go. Apple have released a 27 inch version of the LED Cinema Displays. The display has exactly the same resolution of the 27 inch iMac of 2560×1440 and features IPS technology. The advantage of using the Cinema Display if you have a MacBook (Pro/Air) is that it connects through Apple’s Mini Display Port but also has a Magsafe adapter capable of charging Apple’s notebooks through the same displays output meaning it saves electric. The Cinema Display also has a USB plug that plugs into a Mac to power the 2x USB ports on the display. The 27″ Cinema Display also has a subwoofer on the built in speakers, along with an iSight Camera (or webcam to you and me).
Apple’s displays are always rather expensive and the 27″ display is no exception at £999, the same price as the base 21.5″ iMac. And you really have to question whether it is worth it based on the fact that the 27″ iMac starts not far off, but if you’ve got a Mac Pro or are happy with a notebook then this is more than a perfect display for you.

Apple Magic Trackpad

You know that revolutionary trackpad found on the MacBook and MacBook Pro, wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could experience that with a desktop … well, now you can with the new Apple Magic Trackpad. The unit is the same size as the wireless Apple Keyboard front to back and fits perfectly next to it in exchange from a mouse and is powered by (like the Magic Mouse) 2 AA Batteries. It is a weird concept though having a trackpad on a desktop and it will be interesting thing to check out. The trackpad works on Mac OSX 10.6 only though Bluetooth.
The Apple Trackpad is available now for £59

Apple Battery Charger
In light of all these wireless products Apple has on offer, in question the Magic Mouse, Wireless Bluetooth Apple Keyboard, and the new Magic Trackpad, all these devices require batteries, so Apple have released a Battery Charger, ta dah! for £25 you get 9 AA batteries that can be re-charged, 2 at a time. But according to Apple, their charger is the most energy efficient than any other charger they’ve tested. We’ll see about that of course. You can buy the Battery Charger here on the Apple Store for £25.

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