Blur to release new single on July 2nd 2012

We all got woke up with a little surprise today at RKUK Media, as Blur have announced that, The Puritan, a song previewed by Damon Albarn at one of his Dr Dee gigs recently, will not only be a Blur single, but be released on July 2nd, which is pretty awesome. Blur have been veryContinue reading “Blur to release new single on July 2nd 2012”

Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!

Ah Apple, love em or hate them you can’t ignore them, and today Apple made a team of updates all at once. Mac OS X Lionfinally got released for the bargain price of £20.99, Apple unleashed new MacBook Airs and Mac Mini updates, stopped selling the white MacBook, released a new 64-bit capable version of iTunes for Lion, and released new Cinema Display. Toadd to that Apple have recordContinue reading “Apple Updates 20th July 2011 – OSX Lion, MacBook Airs replace MacBooks and more!”

Apple July 2010 Update – Magic Trackpad, Apple Battery Charger and Cinema Displays

This is the last of the trio of updates that Apple have made, but inside the last update is another three updates. Apple have updated one product and introduced two completely new ones! Cinema Display Update Well, less of an update but there you go. Apple have released a 27 inch version of the LEDContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – Magic Trackpad, Apple Battery Charger and Cinema Displays”

Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps

Apple has refreshed (FINALLY) updated the Mac Pro and trust me, this is the Mac we’ve all been waiting for. The Mac Pro won’t be available until August but what you’re getting is a powerhouse of a computer. Apple are boasting the fact that the Mac Pro will have an insane 12-cores! Like before youContinue reading “Apple July 2010 Update – Mac Pro Spec Bumps”

Apple Surprise Event July 16th 2010 – iPhone 4 Antenna

Intro Apple surprised us all on Wednesday when they announced they would be holding a special event focusing on the iPhone 4, which whilst selling way over 3 million has had some, problems, lets say problems. The new iPhone 4 has been reported to have major antenna issues so automatically this event has been moreContinue reading “Apple Surprise Event July 16th 2010 – iPhone 4 Antenna”

Blog Monday 12th July 2010

Well whilst nothings really happened today, quite a few things have happened recently which I might as well mention, seen as this is a blog! Anyway. Barbecue from a Bucket! As you know its currently the holidays, so my mind really can’t remember any dates of anything, which was the original reason for having aContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th July 2010”

Blog Wednesday 29th July 2009

Expect: Life, Dr Conrad on Randall & Hopkirk, return of an old pal, and more!!! Life I’m gonna be honest with ya, I haven’t really been paying much attention to blogging recently and since RKUK Online collapsed I’ve kinda been a bit over-lazy ya could say, how do you manage, seriously life without some sortContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 29th July 2009”

Mini-Blog Sunday 19th July 2009

I haven’t written a blog in so long, so I just had to let everyone know I’m alive. The reason I haven’t been posting much is basically apart from wake up, have serial, go on computer, watch TV, have serial, go to bed, fun! Since my last blog, RKUK has a new logo, ‘Rob EatingContinue reading “Mini-Blog Sunday 19th July 2009”

Blog Wednesday 1st July 2009 – Last day of College, Firefox 3.5, Liquid Crystal

It’s July, it’s the last day of college, its la-di-dah, I know what your thinking, get on with the blog, OK, random person that sounds like me I will! Last day of College Today was the cource overview thingy, basically we come in, they tell you what you know, then if you can get intoContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 1st July 2009 – Last day of College, Firefox 3.5, Liquid Crystal”

Blog Wednesday 16th July 2008

Recently we have been putting the very first Selection DVDs online and I’m happy to announce we now have Selection 1, 2 and 3 online added to the ten most recent down from Selection 55, this is an amazing transition and when its completed their is an expectancy of 2000 videos!!! Tomorrow being Thursday (16/7/08)Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 16th July 2008”

Blog Sunday 13th July 2008

I don’t normally do a blog on a Sunday pretty much cause its my “chill time” but anyway I’ve alot to announce! SELECTION DVDS; RKUK Selection DVDs have been going since May 2005 and finally the old ones as in Selection 1 and 2 are available to listen to and download just like the recentContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th July 2008”

Blog Monday 7th July – "Poor Duncan"

Not much of an enjoyable day today seen as good ol Duncan been having dangerous pains thanks to Ben’s bike. Basically, picture the scene if you dare, me Ben Hunter and Rob bike riding to IKEA and back, except I get a bike too big and bright yellow, “you can manage” you might say, IContinue reading “Blog Monday 7th July – "Poor Duncan"”