OnePlus 7 series bridge gap between affordable flagship and premium flagship!

It’s hard to deny that when it comes to companies that have being impressing us over the last few years in the Android space, that OnePlus wouldn’t be near top of that list. The companies ability to make “affordable flagships” that are also actually decent Smartphones is really incredible. This year, however, with the OnePlusContinue reading “OnePlus 7 series bridge gap between affordable flagship and premium flagship!”

Apple makes minor spec bump updates to MacBook Pro line!

Apple this week have launched a spec bump update to their MacBook Pro line with Touch Bar. Whilst the update won’t entirely fix user problems with the devices, such as the keyboard (more on that later) and the port array, it does show Apple’s slightly higher dedication at providing more timely updates to a MacContinue reading “Apple makes minor spec bump updates to MacBook Pro line!”

Microsoft announce all new Surface Pro (2017) and Microsoft Whiteboard

It’s thinner, it’s lighter and features much more curvature than ever before on a Surface Pro so it’s a pleasure to use, combine that with an all new Pen, an even more impressive Kickstand and LTE support, is their anything this thing doesn’t do to impress, well, no. The interesting thing about the Surface ProContinue reading “Microsoft announce all new Surface Pro (2017) and Microsoft Whiteboard”

Apple announces a whole new MacBook Pro which truly “set’s the bar” – October 2016

After seeing a bevy of updates from Microsoft this week in relation to the Surface line, we were actually interesting in see what Apple branded the new “future Pro notebook”, and, well, that’s what we got in the new MacBook Pro, both 13 and 15 inch variants. What we didn’t get however was any wowContinue reading “Apple announces a whole new MacBook Pro which truly “set’s the bar” – October 2016″

Apple iPad Pro – Possibilities and Missed Opportinities

When Apple announced the iPad Pro at their Apple Event last year, the announcement brought great surprise, however did bring some level of disappointment in how Apple approached bringing the “pro” to the iPad. Whilst Apple got a lot of things right, they definitely missed out on a lot of opportunities. From building iOS with helpContinue reading “Apple iPad Pro – Possibilities and Missed Opportinities”

Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event 2015: Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Surface Pro 4 and so much more!

Microsoft went all out in their Windows 10 Devices Event today, whilst they did discuss enhancements coming to former and alternate categories of the company, from Windows 10 for Xbox One and some incredible Hololens demonstrations (in which is now available to test Q1 2016 for a small $3,000), the event was all about MicrosoftContinue reading “Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event 2015: Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Surface Pro 4 and so much more!”

Apple “Hey Siri” September Event 2015

“Hey Siri” was the event teaser, which ironically linked to a product which probably won’t be the one most remembered by Apple at this September event. Apple did make some very interesting announcements however in iPhone, iPad as well as TV of all things, but nothing in relation to the Mac which was a bitContinue reading “Apple “Hey Siri” September Event 2015″

Why I’m switching to Surface Pro 3?

It’s not often we get posts inspired by submitted posts, but this is one of those occasions. As you may, or may not, be aware, we allow anyone to post a Tech blog to our website through our ‘The Tech Show Submission Page‘, and we received a post the other day, however it was aContinue reading “Why I’m switching to Surface Pro 3?”

Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3

Microsoft today finally took the wraps off, not the Surface mini but what can you do, the Surface Pro 3, 12 inch tablet that’s finally ready to take on the laptops of the world. The Surface is already easily the most productive tablet in existent, but now things get even better with the Surface ProContinue reading “Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3”

Microsoft Surface 2 First Impressions

The Surface 2 is one of the two of Microsoft’s 2nd generation of Surface devices, other being the Surface Pro 2. The Surface 2 is the 2nd generation Surface RT running Windows 8.1 RT out of the box. Whilst most improvements over the original are mainly performance, the Surface 2 has so much more underContinue reading “Microsoft Surface 2 First Impressions”

Apple Special Event October 2013

The second of our two company event coverage today, to check out our Nokia Event coverage you can find them here, but back to Apple. The Apple Event began as they all do, up comes Tim Cook on stage with a good Apple summarisation and stat count of all things Apple. But as usual forContinue reading “Apple Special Event October 2013”