This is the Motorola P30 (Leak) … no, that’s not a new Huawei phone, and no, it’s not the iPhone X, but could’ve fooled us! (UPDATED)

When Apple announced the iPhone X last year, it was hilarious to see just how many people didn’t like the notch, however, that certainly didn’t deter Android manufactures from further adopting the notch on all their devices. However, most Android devices have previously adopted the notch to include just the front facing Camera and ambient light sensor, which has meant their notch was typically narrower, now in comes the Motorola P30.

Before we get to the majority of the design, can we just say a massive FINALLY, that Motorola has finally used the technique we’ve being asking for years now, of using their M logo in a circular fingerprint scanner! It’s alright Motorola, we won’t sue, but sure took you long enough to notice our suggestion.

To say the P30 resembles the iPhone X is now beyond the usual. At least with devices like the OnePlus 6, or G7 etc, the notch is different and at least the back of the devices has a design uniquely their own, but Motorola just went, forget that, we’re making an iPhone X.

From the notch at the top centre, with the same curvature, to even the wallpaper default, it’s clear that the iPhone X was beyond inspiration. Naturally, like with all Android rip-offs, it comes with an awful chin, which Motorola has used to add their logo to, the only visible cue to anyone that the device isn’t the iPhone X.

Even the back has the same dual-Camera with middle flash module that Apple offers, this is beyond a copy. Where the Apple logo would be expected, Motorola’s signature “M” is placed, which as we mentioned will be a fingerprint scanner. It is not expected the P30 will offer advanced facial recognition like Face ID.

The P30 is part of three devices the company is expected to begin launching as part of their P line of smartphones. Again, we don’t know if Huawei will be too happy about this, considering the companies last flagship was the P20, will be an interesting battle there.

This of course is a leak of the Motorola P30, which was found by Android Pure, who also have reported the full specifications of the device as well. Naturally, with the chin, we’re expecting the P30 to be housing an LCD display, as it’s more difficult to built without a container at the bottom, a challenge everyone is interested to see if Apple can beat with the “lower-cost” iPhone this year.

That similar shaped display is set to be a 6.2 inch display with a 19:9 aspect ratio, taller than most Android manufacturers typical 18:9, likely due to the iPhone esc design chosen. An unknown, at this point, Octa-core processor is expected, backed up by 6GB of RAM and storage options of both 64 and 128GB varieties. The dual-Camera set-up is comprised of a 16MP main shooter and a 5MP shooter with f/1.8 aperture, whilst the front Camera offers a very decent 12MP sensor with the same aperture as the 5MP. The device also comes with a decent 3,000mAh battery with fast charging support with the included 18W charger.

For now, though, that’s all we know about the upcoming Huawei … I mean iPhone … I mean, new Motorola flagship! Are you interested in this incredible unoriginal smartphone, will be interesting to see the reaction if an when it comes out in the next few weeks to month.

UPDATE: This is official, the P30 has appeared on Motorola’s website!

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