LG G7 is official, and it’s just like the leaks

After all the rumours and recent leaks, LG finally unveiled their LG G7, under an interesting name, “LG G7 ThinQ” which is quite a mouthful. The device is expected to go on pre-order this coming May 11th for just under £600 RRP, which is actually a very good price for what you’re getting, which begs the question, just what are you getting?

First let’s talk about that display as, yes, there’s a “notch” which plagues the top of the display, as well as a surprising gap at the bottom larger than the top, a new trend on Android “notch” devices which we’re not a big fan of. However, LG do offer, in software, to fix both these things all together (as shown on right image) by adding the more traditional curvature to the top, evening out the top and bottom bezels and hiding the divisive “notch”, but still maintaining status bar at the top, which we actually like. The G7 comes with Oreo out of the box, naturally the upcoming Android P offers further support for “notch” based devices, though we’re happy with the hide thank you.

That display itself, providing you take advantage of it all, is a 6.1 inch affair with the usual odd resolutions based on aspect ratio of 3120 x 1440, however LG opted for an LCD variety, which could explain the bottom bezel. Whilst an LCD may disappoint a few, it’s not a bad LCD, it’s still covers the full HDR10 / Dolby Vision, as well as 100% DCI-P3, though we’re with you on the wish it was an OLED variety, but based on the criticism, we understand by LG chose not to … that’s not to say Samsung always make the best displays too though.

The key reason to go for the LG G7 over the V30 naturally is the processing power, you’ve the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, with Adreno 630, backed up by either 4GB or 6GB of RAM depending how far you go on the internal storage, whether 64 or 128GB respectably, a microSD card slot is still available for further expansion.

One nice surprise, which shouldn’t be a surprise on the LG G7 is that LG have stuck to their guns and continued to offer not just a 3.5mm headphone jack, but their infamous quad-DAC as well. Whilst you still get a single device speaker, it’s improved as well, though we would still prefer it not to be that way.

LG have continued their usual Camera story on the G7, offering a dual-lens set-up, however one change we do like is that both sensors offer the same 16MP quality, however still no OIS in the secondary wide-angle shooter. Can we just say how much of a fan we are of that adoption, rather than the further zoom that others use.

Other than that…

Outside of these new changes on the LG G7 ThinQ, the device further continues what was delivered on last years G6, or the V30, you’ve the usual I/O, USB-C port with Fast Charging, AC WiFi, now Bluetooth 5.0, and LG decided not to kill the rear Fingerprint scanner, however now it is not a button, the button of which you’ll find on the side like any other Smartphone.

As we briefly mentioned, the LG G7 ThinQ, will begin pre-orders in mid-May, and expected to cost no more than £600 RRP, which is actually a very attractive price, when you consider the £1,000 starting price of an iPhone X, or £950 RRP for the Galaxy S9.

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