OnePlus announce the OnePlus 6 with yet another price hike!

Flagship specs meets with a surprisingly cheap price, that’s always being the surprise with OnePlus devices, though the trend is getting less and less so as the years keep going by. Having said that, their Smartphones are getting better and better, so it begs the question on where further compromise for price would lead us.

Where are we going with this? When OnePlus came from the shadows and announced the original OnePlus One, it was almost a joke at just how cheap you were now able to get an actual flagship device for a price lower than a collection of mid-rangers! Naturally, us, the consumers, were the big winners, thanks to devices such as the OnePlus One, as well as other previously low cost devices, like the previous at the time, Nexus device, the Nexus 5, for lowering the average price of flagships. Fast forward today, and the average asking price for a flagship has risen to an average of £870, which is crazy in comparison to the £229 the original OnePlus was.

OnePlus will ask more than double that today for their latest flagship device, yet another consecutive price-hike since the OnePlus Two, so suddenly the “flagship killer” mantra ain’t all it used to be. The £469 asking price is still an incredible deal for the Smartphone you’re getting, but the brand new LG G7 Thin-Q we’ve just spoke about recently, itself is releasing for £599RRP, so we’re hardly far off anymore.

Maybe we’re being a little too harsh on OnePlus here, but you can’t deny the whole “flagship killer” days are over, but, as long as they remain affordable and stick their guns, we’re happy with that.

One thing we won’t be harsh about, because how could you, is the device itself. For that very affordable £469, you’re getting a full-on flagship phone here! The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with an almost stupid up to 8GB of RAM, the 6GB of RAM option will be on the base £469 model with lesser internal storage. Speaking of internal storage, once again you’ve no card slot, but you’ve options for 64GB, 128GB and 256GB internal storage options. The OnePlus 6 also keeps the old features disappearing from most, this thing called a headphone jack remains we’re happy to say!

But that’s now all, you’ve a beautiful 6.28 inch AMOLED display up front, the odd size is naturally due to OnePlus adopting the infamous “notch” design. You either accept it or hate it, but, like most Android manufactures to use it, you can cover it up with software. The software itself, Oxygen OS on top of Android Oreo, whilst Oxygen OS may not be as powerful as the old Cyanogenmod days, it still offers decent level of customisation to an otherwise Stock-like Android.

Unlike the iPhone X’s “notch”, the OnePlus 6 doesn’t ditch the fingerprint in favour of secure Face recognition, the Fingerprint scanner is still on the back, and the not-as-secure Face Unlock remains, which is fine for unlocking but won’t be supported for authentication.

One thing you can’t complain about with the OnePlus 6 is options on the updated design! You’ve now 3 colour options for the OnePlus 6, all of which take advantage of the now glass back of the device. The new design reminds us of the older one-off mid-ranger, the OnePlus X. Unfortunately, despite the back being glass, OnePlus didn’t choose to adopt Wireless Charging, though you still get the DASH Charger in the box to quickly charge the 3300mAh battery.

Also on the back is the dual-Camera array. OnePlus devices, typically, haven’t had that great Cameras, OnePlus are hoping to change that with the OnePlus 6. One of the ways OnePlus hope to improve the Camera, the main sensor gets the returning highly requested OIS (optical-image stabilisation) with a dual-resolution of 16+20 Megapixels. The secondary lens however only seems to be used for the faux portrait mode.

So, that’s the OnePlus 6, another very high end offering from OnePlus, and whilst yes the price has seen an increase again as it approaches normal territory, you can’t really deny it’s a great Smartphone at a very affordable price! Would we have liked Wireless Charging, yes we would, but this is £470!

The OnePlus 6 goes on sale, 21st May, amazingly the White variant is Out of stock as writing this, despite no models even pre-orderable, so we expect those to be very hard to come by!

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