Motorola’s iPhone X copy, the P30, is now official!

We reported earlier in the week, of a leaked Motorola device with a striking resemblance to a certain other smartphone, and, whilst many didn’t even believe it as even true, never mind those just shaking their heads at it, let us be the one to inform you, it is indeed both official and it’s real, as you can see on Motorola’s website here! Many will be happy to know this is looking like a Chinese exclusive device, but, who knows, maybe it will cross to English regions, wouldn’t that be something.

Now that the P30 is official, we, naturally, now a much clearer look at the device in it’s full glory, and, as you’d expect, it’s the real deal. It’s a shame that Motorola have been so unoriginal with the P30, but what else can we really say, this is that same iPhone X rip-off we saw from the leaks.

To put it better in perspective, just look at this. On the left you’ve an iPhone X image ripped straight from Apple’s website, and the new Motorola P30! We’ve seen devices with “inspired” design before, but this is truly taking the biscuit. Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone X is a fairly well designed Smartphone, so it’s natural Motorola would want a piece of that action, but some originality would have been nice.

Now the Motorola P30 is official, we can now officially share what the device consists of, namely you’ve a mediocre Snapdragon 636 Processor, so this thing is actually a midrange device for Motorola, backed up by a decent 6GB of RAM. Other specifications include 128GB of storage, a sizeable 3,000mAh battery and dual-Cameras at the back at 5 and 16MP, the display has also being confirmed to be LCD and 6.2 inch.

Despite that fancy notch, Motorola haven’t fitted anything too special inside of it. Front-firing speakers? Nope. Iris scanning of any kind? Nope! The notch literally hides an earpiece, ambient light sensor and the front 12MP Camera.

We’ll end on one press image that doesn’t look exactly like the iPhone X.

The Motorola P30, for now, is exclusive to China at the moment, where it will fit in perfectly with all the other iPhone X clones that are filling the stores of China. Price of the device, as of yet, is unclear, but given a Snapdragon 636, we would expect around the $200 – $300 USD area of pricing. We’ll be very interested to see how the device does, if it does well. We expect many imports from those just interested to see how close that resemblance really is.

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