Dell announce “the world’s most powerful gaming laptop”, the Alienware Area-51m!

Ah Notebooks these days, they’re getting thinner, lighter, they aim to be portable, I mean, who wants that from anything right? Well, as crazy logic as that sounds, that’s clearly the idea with the Alienware Area-51m as it’s pretty much the opposite of all those things, this really is a beefy Desktop in a Laptop form factor, and with a few extra surprises added as well!

This is a Notebook with an upgraders dreams come true design, you can upgrade the CPU (depending on Intels future roadmap naturally), even the GPU, RAM, Storage, this thing is ready to stay as up to date as it possibly can going forward! In fact, only the battery, screen and keyboard are built in to the design. Obviously, if you do want to upgrade this thing down the line, you’ll have a heck of a lot more screws to deal with than a Desktop gaming PC, but it’s possible.

It’s not the prettiest thing on the planet, but it’s sure a device there to get the job done and, well, if you have a look at what this thing is packing under the hood, it’s gonna get it done!

You’ve a brand new desktop CPU, none of that laptop variety, of Intel’s latest 9th-generation Core i7 (8700K or 9700K) processors, with an i9 (9900K) option, the fastest CPU you can currently buy! But, they didn’t cheap out on the GPU either, the fastest GPU you can currently buy, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 is inside this thing as well, enclosed in a specialised enclosure, which as we mentioned will allow future upgradability. The only slight catch naturally, is neither Nvidia or AMD have promised they’ll release future GPUs that will confine to the custom enclosure used to fit the GPU in a Notebook form factor, but hey, if they do going forward, that would be pretty incredible.

You’ve a decent collection of I/O, but then again plenty of empty out space, but you will find 2 DC power jacks needed for the power packs, just the one Thunderbolt 3 port, three USB-A style 3.1 ports, HDMI 2.0, Mini DisplayPort, Ethernet (TYUJHGK), and an Alienware Graphics Amplifier Port, just in case you don’t have luck with upgrading the innards.

Display is probably the one area of the Alienware that’s not top standard, you’ve a decent 1080p display on the Area-51m, which isn’t great considering its 1080p resolution, but it’s ample for gaming, obviously display out will allow you to get a fuller experience on perhaps a 4K monitor. Alienware do offer a 120Hz version however, instead of the base 60Hz, so there’s that. RAM and Storage options are fairly covered as well, you’ve support for up to 64GB of fast 2400MHz variety, and two PCIe SSD slots for the most optimal performance.

Battery life? What battery life. This is the area of this Notebook that makes it rather pointless. This isn’t a portable device, even just based on its heft, but if you want full performance out of the 90Wh battery (largest you can carry on an Airplane), you’re looking at perhaps 45 minutes … yeah! So, it goes without saying you’ll be using the include power brick pretty much all the time when you use this thing.

Price on this thing, well, get your Wallets ready to lighten, the first available configuration will set you back $2,549 if you order one from January 29th, which nets you an 9th-gen Intel Core i7 (8700K), Nvidia RTX 2070GPU, 1TB HDD, 8GB of RAM and the basic 1080p screen with 60Hz. That makes you wonder just how high this thing could go if you plan on going all SSD, the faster 2080 GPU, and the i9.

So, think we can say quite safely that this is going to be the most expensive Notebook you’d buy this year, but, the aim was to create the world’s most powerful, and no one can argue with the fact that they’ve achieved and exceeded that goal!


Image courtesy: The Verge

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