Royole FlexPai is the world’s first Foldable Phone to go on Sale, and it’s unsurprisingly bad!

Everyone seems to want Foldable phones you’d think, or at least that’s what manufacturers seem to think, well, for better or worse, at CES 2019, we’ve finally got one you can buy, and, let’s just say, we’re not exactly surprised how well it works.

The device itself is the Royole FlexPai, a Smartphone, come Tablet, with, as you’d expect, a fully Foldable 7.8 inch AMOLED Display, when folded, in which case it tries to be a Smartphone, then when folded open, it stretches to more a Tablet experience. The display itself is actually slightly more sturdy than we were expecting, snapping in to place in a far more reassuring way, rather than worrying. The display as a whole is a 1920 X 1440 panel, which offers a decent 306ppi, however the Display was experiencing flickering issues, discolouring and more thanks to being constantly folded, which ain’t great. Let’s be real here, it’s still perfectly clear, the idea of a Foldable Smartphone, just isn’t practical.

I mean, all you have to do is just use the thing to come to that rather obvious conclusion, things are awkward, softwares isn’t ready, and all in all it’s beyond awkward. Software glitches out, and apps launch unintentionally showing a clear lack of edge detection on the software side, an obvious thing to consider missed right there.

Then, the price. Believe it or not, this thing is already in Sale in China before it comes to English speaking regions for 8,999 yuan. That is around $1,320 in US currency, which is around the top spec price for an iPhone XS, but trust us, if those two devices were side by side, save your sanity and go XS!

Foldable Smartphones are not only a dumb concept, they’re also far from ready, and this just proves it. All we can say is stay well and truly away!


Images courtesy: The Verge

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