Huawei announces this Android Tablet at CES 2019, the MediaPad M5 Lite … and we don’t know why?!

MediaPad using it’s unique Kids Corner feature

This is the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite, an Android tablet from Huawei that aims to bring a premium feel, but for a low decent price tag, sounds good! Problem is, the tablet is running Android, and, whilst we’re not anti-Android in any way whatsoever, on a Tablet, it’s different.

It’s very likely Huawei is aiming for the Fire Tablet market Amazon has gathered, and, trust us, anything is better than those, but the question which continues to be asked, who wants an Android tablet in 2019?

Kids Corner

Well, some people who may want a Tablet in 2019 are kids, and that’s the target market Huawei are aiming for with the launch of the MediaPad M5 Lite. What’s interesting about the Kids Corner, is it’s completely separate to the rest of the Tablet experience, a new launcher experience, app experience, and is fully controllable before Kids can use the device. A service which reminds us of the old Windows Phone’s ‘Kids Corner’ if anyone remembers that.

The Kids Mode is able to be launched, but not quitted without the use of a Password created by who created it. Whilst this may not be the void most are missing from Tablets these days, it’s probably the one notable feature Huawei have added to this MediaPad as it’s big selling point, and for this, we do applaud.

As an everyday Tablet

Outside of the Kids Mode, this really is just a mid-range performing Android tablet, and one which including Huawei’s rather divisive EMUI interface , which whilst is dying down slightly from the iOS-like appearance, still remains a rather ugly interface.

The problem with the Huawei MatePad M5 Lite of course, the competition, and the price Huawei are asking for it. This will retail for $299, and you can just get much better for that price. You can get an iPad for $20 shy, you can even get the Tablets main competitor, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition for a third off the asking price of the MediaPad, meaning, in reality, this things is dead on arrival. Nice try though, Huawei.

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