US Carrier AT&T rolls out faux “5Ge” icons on some Smartphones, with more to come!

This is not cool … but also, pretty expected

Anyone remember 3G? Well, during the rollout of 4G, many Carriers essentially began added icons on Smartphone status bars to state they were in a 4G area, when, in fact, they weren’t, this became branded as “faux-G” by the tech pundits. Well, they’re back at it again!

5G deployment has barely reached final testing stages in big cities across America, and even here in the UK for that matter, but that hasn’t stopped AT&T from adding an all new “5Ge” logo to the top of their variants of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, LG V30 and LG V40, from their latest updates, with more still to come! It’s important and worth noting that all these phones aren’t even compatible with 5G standards, yet will now display the 5G icon, when only in a 4G LTE area!

What about that E?

Of course to us in the know about technology, that would be natural giveaway that isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be as, well, their isn’t a 5Ge standard. the E stands for “Evolution”, according to them, and is basically the separation between ACTUAL 5G and their false representation of 5G to the general consumer.

We were highly against this back in the days of 4G roll out, especially as the scheme was widely adopted by Carriers outside of the US as well, and remains used by some UK Carriers like EE, but, unfortunately because it was got away with before with 4G, it will for 5G too.

Big thing to keep in mind, if you’ve a Smartphone right now, it isn’t compatible with 5G. How do we know that? Because none have even been released yet, and this is just another one of them annoying blows of rubbish from the Carriers to put up with.

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