RKUK Media will be back in 2019

It maybe hard for many to believe that RKUK Media has been online since 2005 … yes, 2005, that’s 14 years by the way, but we have, and, we’ve never stopped keeping on!

Despite this, however, it’s only natural that the internet, and what people expect from it, has gone through multiple transitions, mostly thanks to the advancements in mobile devices, and, the bandwidth that powers the services we use daily. Don’t get us wrong, this is great, especially as, let’s not forget, that’s pretty much at the heart of the website since practically day one! But, that’s not the point we’re making here, the reality is the audience of which we were previously attracting have, to use a blunt term, moved on, moved to bigger and better things, and this is where we reach the cross-road with how we work with RKUK Media going forward.

Long attention driven journalism no longer works

It’s a sad reality, but it’s true. We’ve prided ourselves, since the beginning, to tell the full story, missing nothing important out, keeping every thing we do as un-biased as possible, and packaging that all in a decent read. What this has led to is some of our proudest work, we’ve created some great posts, whether be Technology based, Music reviews, the old Blogs if anyone remembers those, etc, and we couldn’t be happier, however, today, those kind of posts just don’t gain much, if any, traction, and that’s why we need to take action.

It’s because of this reason we’ve decided to make a pretty big decision, which has not been taken lightly. Reality is, whilst we’ve been pouring our heart and sole in to posts, many of which have been way over 1,000 – 1,500 words long, no one really cares enough, or has the time anymore, to read that much any more, so the question ends up being, why bother with them, right?

Going forward

The decision we’ve decided to come to is, essentially to re-launch RKUK Media in Q1 2019, with, yes, a full focus on being a Technology News website, however, more in a Digest format. It’s clear people still want to know what’s the best in Technology, latest news, all that good stuff, of course they do, but they want it to be simply laid out, explained, done, and nothing more, and it’s that direction we’re going to take the website.

The reason why such action has not been taken quicker is rather obvious really. You can always have ideas above your station, but then trying to executing them is another matter, but, that’s a matter we will be clearing up in 2019, and, after many deliberating the way we’re going to do it, we now can’t wait.

You may even see a bit of new branding going on as well…

What’s next for RKUK Media, plus Site Archive?

All our old content will continue to, and is today still, available for viewing, something which, even after the changes we are putting forward get the go-ahead, will continue to be the case. However, on the flip side of that, it does mean, we will not be adding any posts to RKUK Media until this change has taken affect in 2019.

That’s not to say we’re gone, we are still alive, our Twitter @rkukmedia will continue to be updated with News we find relevant, but, for now, that’s where we will exclusively be. But, we will be back in 2019, and our re-launch will be announced on both our Twitter and FaceBook Page, so, guess we’ll see you then!

Published by RKUK Media

RKUK Media ia a corporation based in West Yorkshire, UK. The web-based company now contains hundreds of technology and entertainment posts for anyone to enjoy at a non profit level.

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