Won’t be long now

Happy New Year from all the team at RKUK Media, and, what a New Year we’ve got in store for you!

We’re back … almost.

Next week is CES 2019, and we will be covering that very Event on RKUK Media, with our new format, our new layout, and our new website! We’re not just going to launch out of the blue though, we will be writing a wrong, and placing our Top 5 Smartphones of 2018 for you as a New Year wrap up

Our New Look

You may have been seeing a lot of Cubes floating around from our teaser images, those will become clear shortly, but, what we want to do now is show you some new logos we’ll be launching for our new, and existing, content in 2019.

It’s been branded, ‘The Tech Show’, to just ‘Technology’, but we’re now branding our Technology channel as, R-Tech! Their will be an additional logo to go with R-Tech, which we’ll be sharing later.

RKUK Media has long had a connection with Music, and, this isn’t even a rename in this instance, rather the new logo to match the Music channel R-Music.

For now, that’s all we’ve to share. RKUK Media will be re-launching next week with our CES 2019 Content, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve in store.

For further updates, you can follow us on Twitter.

Published by RKUK Media

RKUK Media ia a corporation based in West Yorkshire, UK. The web-based company now contains hundreds of technology and entertainment posts for anyone to enjoy at a non profit level.

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