Why #chargegate and #beautygate aren’t as bad as reported, and the problem with 2018 Journalism!

Where do we start? When it comes to the Tech industry, we all love a bit of controversy, however, what do you do when their isn’t any controversy with a certain product with great interest … well, you make it up right?

#Chargegate … more like a minor bug

To debunk a theory, nothing is easier than simply running over what the problem is, and, why it’s not the big massive permanent recall worthy problem as people like Lou from Unbox Therapy would lead you to believe.

The issue

On iPhone Xs and Xs Max, something many people have been noticing, mainly as it’s being brought to their attention, is that should you leave your device in an inactive state, then plug a Charger in, it simply doesn’t charge. This has led to a slew of inaccurate Click-bate headlines claiming the new iPhone models simply “don’t charge”, which is quite frankly wrong.

If you plug your Charger in to an iPhone Xs or Xs Max whilst it’s unlocked, you’ll never have a problem, or, if you do have the problem whilst locked, unlocking the device allows it to begin charging. That doesn’t seem good does it? This must be a major hardware issue, this is big, Apple should recall ALL iPhone models affected by this, right? … Well, if they did that, they’d have to recall everything running iOS 12, and that’s where we bring things back to reality.

The reality … plus, the fix

USB Accessory option, default unticked, in Face ID + Passcode Settings. Also on Touch ID iPhone models, in Touch ID +Passcode Settings

Above is the Face ID + Passcode Settings on an iPhone Xs, could easily be the original X, or Xs Max, in fact it could even be the same Settings menu for Touch ID iPhones found in Touch ID + Passcode! Why? It’s an iOS 12 feature, let’s explain.

This is the bigger issue, not your Charger

Turns out, this actually is a feature in iOS 12 … yes, we hear you Android fanboys, how can it be a feature to stop a Smartphone charging, well, there’s more to it than that.

Above is what the big issue is, hacking tools used to bypass your iPhone Passcode to get in to your Phone, and your Data. This is a serious problem, especially when even government agencies like the US FBI use these tools, the very people you’re meant to be able to trust. Sure, they’ll paint their propaganda that this is only for criminals, but there’s far too much proof that situations like that, just aren’t the full picture and that big brother, really is, watching you.

To prevent these tools from working, in iOS 12, Apple, by default, has a Setting which will not allow any form of data transfer, or power output, to any device plugged in to Lightning, after an hour of inactivity, or, if the device has just been switched on. This is to protect and prevent such activity from being possible. However, this feature is clearly enabling far earlier than an hour, and is causing features such as Charging your device, not to be instantly possible (if locked) in many situations, this is a bug and is fixed in current iOS 12.1 betas, so, won’t be an issue for anyone come that release.

We don’t recommend it, but, you can actually stop this behaviour by enabling “USB Accessories” in that Settings menu, but, naturally, that removes the Security aspect of this feature. But, let’s be completely honest right now, who has actually experienced this issue really, and, those who have will have tapped their phone on, noticed it started and continued with their life anyway.

Reality: Minor bug, fixed very shortly


Source: Unbox Therapy video

BeautyGate is a funny one, as this is something we’re not a fan of either, however this is also once again, another example of the opportunistic bull created by Lou from Unbox Therapy once again! Now, don’t get us wrong, this is an issue, and does need fixing, however, just like with Chargegate, this is a software, not a hardware issue!

Look, we get it, the iPhone is the hot thing right now, create a controversial video, get loads of views, make everyone anxious, we get it. The problem is, if you are going to highlight every major, minor, everything in between, with an iPhone, do it with all Smartphones right, but of course they don’t get as many views so people like Unbox Therapy don’t, as they just care about searching for the next #bendgate, yet another non-issue that didn’t affect anyone in reality.

Rant over, let’s have a go through this one;

The issue

Should you use the front facing Camera on either the iPhone Xs or Xs Max to take a Selfie, once the Camera seems to detect a face, it most definitely does give you a much more smoothened level on your skin tones. This isn’t isolated like the Charging issue, this is all iPhone Xs models. This is especially notable when caparisons are made between older iPhone models, even last years iPhone X, where the resulting images are much more sharper.

The reality … plus, fix-like tweaks

The reality is, well, this one is actually an issue in our eyes. Whilst many top imaging experts are debunking this as just an improvement in dynamic range and noise cancelling in low light, we have this issue even in bright environments so don’t believe that sentiment.

Beautygate: Top camera developer debunks iPhone XS beauty filter

Despite this, Apple still do seem to be improving this in the recent betas of iOS 12.1, so there’s hope that we will be back to a more natural looking photo from the front Camera.

The problem with todays Journalism

We’re not going to go too in detail about this, but we just want to make this point. It’s becoming very so much more obvious that we live in an opportunistic world, when it comes to Journalism, of any category, but in this case Technology. Every one is searching so hard for that next big News story, reality fades in to oblivion, leading to them getting more money and clicks, whilst the end user is confused as what they’re being told doesn’t line up with reality.

Don’t get us wrong, when a company does wrong, or a bug is apparent, sure,  get the news out there, most likely others are having that issue as well, but don’t sensationalise it for your own gain. Plus, if you are going to highlight every problem possible with one company, you just look a fool if you some-how ignore problems with another, that is when you’re taking sides and reveals your true colours as to why you’re actually posting about theses issues.

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