Samsung drops the Gear brand and announces Galaxy Watch

Samsung today announced, alongside the Note 9, an all new Smart Watch, though interestingly, instead of using their traditional Gear branding, Samsung have opted simply to name the watch, the Galaxy Watch. The name is ironic as most people simply refer to Gear watches as a “galaxy watch”, in the same irony of if Apple announced a watch literally called “iwatch”, but is what it is.

The name may have changed, but it’s clear the direction hasn’t, the Galaxy Watch continues to follow the Gear S line-up roadmap with the same “real” watch look, as well as maintaining the same rotational navigation around the sides to operate the Tizen OS, it’s very clear this would be the expected Gear S5. The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes, but in tradition, the full features are found on the bigger variation. As always with Android watches, the smallest is actually bigger than any Apple Watch with a circular 42mm (though is physically bigger than Apple Watch 42mm), which has a Gold exclusive colour, as well as a larger 46mm.

Samsung are making some very bold battery claims on the Galaxy Watch, claiming 4 days of active use and up to 7 days of normal use from a single charge … we’re not quite sure if we believe that, but it would be an incredible feat if they managed it, and would definitely put the pressure on Apple to sort the battery out on the next Apple Watch.

The Galaxy Watch comes with more Watch faces than you’ll probably ever see, 39 workout types though can automatically detect 6 common activities, and with that battery life, the device is able to track sleep quality.

To charge the Galaxy Watch, as always, its a wireless charging accessory, but Samsung decided to take it a step further and announce the Wireless Charger Duo which allows you to charge both your brand new Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch right next to each other in a sleek black design. Having such a device available day one will be an obvious dig at Apple’s still unavailable AirPower.

Pricing of the Galaxy Watch is still TBA, but if it falls in line with previous S models, we should be looking around the £400 price for the larger model.

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