Samsung announce Galaxy Note 9 – More of the same, or a welcome update, we’ll let you decide!

In the Smartphone market these days it’s always tough to stand out, and that’s clearly hitting every brand, this year that seems to include Samsung. With the launch of their new Note 9 Smartphone, we’re left with more than mixed feelings. Its not that the device is bad, it’s most definitely not, but it fails to stand out quite as much as the Note brand used to serve.

Design, for the most part, remains unchanged, as well as the general aesthetics of the device which continue the very identifiable Samsung look. Of course Samsung haven’t just left the Note 9 to a simple spec bump, but let’s just say if you’ve a Galaxy S9 right now, you’ve little to sway you here.

The big improvements, and features that Samsung are touting about the new Galaxy Note 9 focus on battery life and storage … see what we mean;

On the battery life front, Samsung are finally confident enough to begin expanding the battery sizes on their devices again, with a sizeable 4,000mAh unit, up from the 3,500mAh unit from the Note 8, add that to the rather battery efficient Snapdragon 845, or Exynos 9820 for us non-US citizens, and you should realistically be experiencing that old school Galaxy Note battery life.

As far as storage is concerned, the Galaxy Note 9 will be available with a massive 512GB of internal storage, which with Samsung marketing allows them to market the Note 9 as one of the first 1TB devices, thanks to the availability of 512GB microSD cards.

The rest of the Galaxy Note 9 story comes down to general improvements, the S-pen is improved, the Bluetooth and WiFi chips are greater, though some features remain the same such as the same 12MP dual-Cameras from the Note 8.

Rest of the spec book is pretty passey of a 2018 Smartphone, latest SoC, 6 or 8GB of RAM depending on whether you go for the 128GB or 512GB respectively, same 12MP dual Cameras we mentioned, 4,000mAh battery, IP68, the S-pen, and yes in true Samsung fashion the previous version of Android 8.1 Oreo … okay we’ll let them off the last one for now as Pie literally just came out, but still.

“We’re confident this is the best device on the market”, claims Samsung

Whenever companies make claims like that we take them even less seriously, but no, maybe we are being a slight unfair to the Note 9, it is a very impressive Smartphone, it’s just that it is once again a purely iterative release, nothing new, nothing major, just a bit faster and newer.

We’ll have further coverage on the Galaxy Note 9 closer to its release, or after if we get a chance to review it, but, it wasn’t the only thing Samsung announced and we’ll be covering those shortly.

Availability and price

Pre-order today, available August 24th, for either £899 for the 128GB model, or £1,099 for the 512GB version

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