Apple iPhone 5C 8GB and iPad 4 return – What’s Apple doing?

Our 32GB White iPhone 5C
Our 32GB White iPhone 5C

I think it’s fair to say when it comes to the iPhone, the 5C has been everything but the success Apple hoped it would be, be that due to the ridiculous price tag for essentially an iPhone 5 or whatever else. Now, Apple have an ace up their sleeves … apparently, in the all new 8GB iPhone 5C

8GB iPhone 5C


The iPhone 5C was never going to be the low cost, cheap Moto G style iPhone everyone hoped it would be, the main reason why this annoyed many in the tech industry is that when you consider the price it costs Apple to make the 5C, it really could’ve been! As much as Jony Ive would like you to believe the plastic on the 5C is magic plastic, it really is just polycarbonated plastic, which itself is widely used by multiple Nokia, HTC, Sony and more, devices, most of which actually have similar built to order costs, according to iFixIt, than Apple’s iPhone 5C, despite retailing for, at most, £300.

The 8GB iPhone 5C also makes no sense due to a very obvious thing of note, Apple still sells the iPhone 4S, which realistically for the time being is Apple’s cheap iPhone device, also not forgetting the iPhone 4 is still on sale in some markets for even less … be it awful on iOS 7 despite iOS 7.1 fixes. Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone 5C is a very decent iOS device, as seen in our iPhone 5C review, but remember something very important, this is the lost low cost for the iPhone 5C….


…yeah that’s low cost for Apple, less than £40 less than the 16GB version.


It’s very clear to see that the iPhone 4S is in it’s last days, and we’d expect, whilst it might get iOS 8, it will be discontinued upon the introduction of the next iPhone, so the iPhone 5C will be the next lowest end iPhone, plus who wants to buy a new phone on a 2 year contract that’s going to be discontinued by the end of the same year.

The second reason, which we’ll get in to more later, is the incredible and reversible … yeah, Lightning Connector. Apple, with iOS 7.1, announced CarPlay, which only works through devices with a Lightning Connector, yes it’s less than 2 years old and it’s already the requirement for Apple moving forward! Seems rather pathetic to say a cable is the reason the 8GB 5C makes sense, and it is a big stretch, but when you live in Apple’s ecosystem you’ve to learn to just live and move on, be it to another platform or deal with the changes.

iPad 4 is back, iPad 2 we … won’t miss you!

Yes, the iPad 4 is back, not that replacing it with the iPad 2 when the Retina iPad mini came out made sense … that was a mouthful, but it’s back. A reminder of it’s specs;

  • Apple 1.4GHz Dual-Core A6X
  • Retina Display
  • Was, at the time the first iPad to top 128GB Storage, now just 16GB
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP Rear Camera and 720P Front Facing Camera – both of which don’t suck like the iPad 2
  • £329

Whilst the iPad 4 is actually rather difficult to find on Apple’s website, it’s simply branded ‘iPad with Retina Display’, which historically is also what the iPad 3 has been called, so it’s rather confusing when you think about it, but the combination of Retina Display and Lightning are likely the two main reasons why the iPad 4 has returned to Apple shelves.

Interestingly, the device will retail for £329, which is the same price the 16GB iPad mini with Retina Display retails, and the same price the iPad 2 sold for yesterday if you can believe it! Whilst it is £70 less than an iPad Air, it’s wwaaaaaayyyy better value for money than an iPad 2 was, the level of defence is actually that big it needed the over expression, and to anyone that’s purchased an iPad 2 in the last year … we fear you have likely done something rather stupid in doing so … that’s honestly the nicest way we can put it!

Moving forward


The iPhone 5C may have basically flopped in the last year, but we’d expect it to stay around as a lower end C device with a newer model announced later on, with the iPhone 4S being discontinued.


With the iPad 4, Apple now have a decent lower cost iPad, which whilst might not be as light or as thin as the iPad Air, will still deliver stellar performance, compared to the iPad 2 pitiful performance, although iOS 7 needs work on any device. Moving forward it’s rather difficult to say, the performance from the iPad 4 to the iPad Air was relatively un-noticeable so we could see the iPad 4 continue moving forward next year onwards.


What do you think of these two new Apple announcements, we’re in one word for each, “whyyyyyy” and “about time”!

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