Apple iPhone 5C Review

iPhone 5C Box
Oh look its Apple’s infamous cheap phone right … wrong, let’s just end that straight away before we enter this review! The iPhone 5C debuted at Apple’s WWDC alongside its higher specced brother, the iPhone 5S, but what do you get for your slightly lower priced buck?



The iPhone 5C is beautiful, no question about it, the polycarbonate shell on the back really do make this device pop out with the similar colour accent also showing at the front around the phones edge, like we’ve seen from devices from Nokia. The iPhone 5C does have incredibly glossy plastic, which is both good and bad, good due to its incredible feel in the hand, an iPhone has never felt this good since the iPhone 3G, even then it exceeds. The bad being the thing is a finger print magnet and the reflective back does not forgive itself for this. The design is definitely the top point about the 5C, in white, like our unit, it just looks so classy with the two tone black and white finish and retains a real premium feel in the hand. The probably only thing we don’t like about the design is the volume buttons, they sound cheap and kinda feel it too, the rubbery clicking sound they make really does take away from the rest of the device, other than that we’re more than in love with the design of the 5C, more so over the 5 and 5S to be honest.

Of course when you think of colourful plastic phones how can you not look at the competition out there, we are very happy to report the plastic on the iPhone 5C does not in any way resemble the shambles affair on devices from the likes of Samsung, but is it the oh so perfect Apple magic plastic everyones been ranting about … no, it’s plastic for godsake, we’d say the plastic equals that from the old White MacBooks, Nintendo’s DS series plastic and yes identical quality from what we’ve seen from glossy plastic from Nokia’s Lumia devices, which we’ve had first hand experience of.

Isn’t it just a plastic 5?

We reviewed the iPhone 5, which you can check out here, and well whilst the internals of the iPhone 5C do match, in most cases, the iPhone 5, saying its just a plastic iPhone 5 does seem rather redundant, almost like saying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just a big Galaxy S4 or the Lumia 1520 is just a Lumia 920 on steroids, yes whilst they look that way and have almost identical internals they are very much classed as different devices, and that’s how I feel the iPhone 5C should be appreciated as. Now that’s cleared up, what are the subtle differences between the 5C and 5 if you so much ask?

  • Vastly improved LTE support – Support for more LTE networks than we knew existed, identical support from the iPhone 5S
  • Much improved front facing Camera, same front Camera as the 5S with its “bigger pixels”
  • Larger battery life, whilst we’re talking just a few 100mAh, everything counts
  • Not available in 64GB
  • Yes…if you insist to mention, it IS made of plastic on the rear and sides over aluminium


The iPhone 5C is powered by practically the same A6 processor found in the iPhone 5, the only strange thing is, whilst we can’t stand benchmarks as a whole, the iPhone 5 still outperforms the iPhone 5C slightly, which begs us to believe the processor may have been clocked slightly, luckily performance is still just as good as the iPhone 5 which really is what counts, games perform lag free and everything runs actually comparably to the iPhone 5S

iOS 7


Now, I know we mentioned we don’t like the volume button on the iPhone 5C, but you know something, if this was an iPhone 5S review, the only thing we’d mention in the don’t like section would be shared with the iPhone 5C, and that’s iOS 7. OK, iOS 7 isn’t a complete mess, but its not too far off, as far as fit and polish go, iOS 7 has just got a long way to go, it lags in ways it really shouldn’t in ways it definitely shouldn’t too, like folder increases, spotlight opening, just yuk all over when you see it, it probably won’t bother many but when iOS 6 was so smooth and polished, yes getting boring but polished, iOS 7 is just so bad in comparison. Don’t get us wrong, we love all the apps that are getting updated for iOS 7 new UI for the most part, some are a bit too white, but that seems to be where its going. The most annoying thing about iOS 7 is it delivers in practically everything iOS 6 users wanted, unlimited folders *128*, better multitasking UI and availability for developers, new UI, easy system toggles access and more, the problem is the execution, which previously has just never been an issue for Apple before. The first thing we thought when we’d had a week or so with iOS 7 was … bring Scott Forstall back. To add to all of that, the keyboard … what were Apple thinking, they haven’t changed anything, in the world of Android Swype, Windows Phone’s word prediction keyboard and Blackberry 10s swipe up keyboard, the iOS 7 keyboard is far from acceptable. Will these be fixed in iOS 8, maybe, but for the time being we’re far from fans of the OS, which used to be our favourite. Just like the 5S, the achilles heel of the iPhone 5C is the software.


The iPhone 5C has a beautiful design that will in typical Apple fashion grab the attention on on-lookers. The battery improvements, whilst mostly unnoticeable will let the iPhone 5C get you easily through a day of usage. The Cameras are also typical iPhone, super quick to take and very good quality in the long run, the front facing Camera is actually a noticeable improvement as well.


iOS 7 needs a lot of work yet, unnecessary lag, which we know wouldn’t be the case with simple OS optimisation … seems weird saying that about iOS instead of Android, but its really true in iOS 7. The UI is way too ultra-violet and white, if Apple adopt a Blacker UI option (similar to Windows Phone’s Dark and Light schemes) it will very more likely appeal to a greater audience. The volume keys on the iPhone 5C is probably the weak side of the new design, but not too much to complain about there.

Specs Sheet

Did we copy and paste most of this from our iPhone 5 review, you bet you did.

  • Apple A6 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 16GB or 32 GB Capacity
  • 4 inch display (326PPI)
  • 4G LTE, HSPA+, World phone Network
  • Available in White, Salmon (Awful) Pink, Green, Cyan blue
  • 8 Megapixel (1080p Video) Rear Camera, 1.3 Megapixel improved (720p Vide0) Front Camera


With the iPhone 5C what you’re left with is yet another beautifully designed and crafted iPhone with a lovely colour pallet to chose from and a device that just feels brilliant in the hand and will get you pleasantly through the day, all we need now is for iOS 7 just to get a bit of well needed A&E and you’ll be left with more than a brilliant compelling Smartphone, until then its an omission to the good points of this device we just have to mention.

 – The iPhone 5C delivers great performance in apps and games, a brilliant camera and is simply one of the best designs in a phone today, but the software niggles let it down, unfortunately in a big way just like the 4S, 5 and 5S.

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