MWC 2016: Alcatel announce a mid range duo in the Idol 4 and 4S

Not everyone is looking for a high priced flagship device, if you fit that bill then maybe give this a try, Alcatel has announced the latest in their Idol series of devices, the Idol 4 and Idol 4S, two mid-range devices running on a mostly Stock Android, Marshmallow. But, whilst theses devices are targeted atContinue reading “MWC 2016: Alcatel announce a mid range duo in the Idol 4 and 4S”

Apple WWDC 2014 – OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 and Swift

After a brief video about Developers, Tim Cook took to the stage to a packed crowd at this years WWDC 2014 with the clear focus on software. No hardware announcements at WWDC is becoming a trend over the last few years, but let’s be honest, rightfully so, this is a Developers Conference after all, andContinue reading “Apple WWDC 2014 – OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 and Swift”

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB and iPad 4 return – What’s Apple doing?

I think it’s fair to say when it comes to the iPhone, the 5C has been everything but the success Apple hoped it would be, be that due to the ridiculous price tag for essentially an iPhone 5 or whatever else. Now, Apple have an ace up their sleeves … apparently, in the all newContinue reading “Apple iPhone 5C 8GB and iPad 4 return – What’s Apple doing?”

Our Best Cydia Repos and Useful Tweaks for 2013

Every once in a while we all do it, we look down at our iPhone home screen and think is this really it? Well, thankfully you can Jailbreak your device with ease thanks to the latest Evasi0n Jailbreak out at the moment, in seconds your iOS 6 device can be Jailbroken and ready to installContinue reading “Our Best Cydia Repos and Useful Tweaks for 2013”

Apple iOS 6.1.2 coming next week!

Apple are set to release the next update for iOS 6 in the form of 6.1.2. This is set to fix Microsoft Exchange and Passlock bugs which has been affecting a few 6.1.1 users. According to reports across the web it is due to be released on 20th Feb. So mark your planners for it.Continue reading “Apple iOS 6.1.2 coming next week!”

So Just How Good is the Camera on the Lumia 920? (Video) Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S III & iPhone 4S Nokia, after their big September 5th conference, showed some real life tests to attendees on how great the camera really is on the Lumia 920. Nokia showed how the Camera could take pictures and focus in complete darkness, in this case a smallContinue reading “So Just How Good is the Camera on the Lumia 920? (Video)”

Siri says Windows Phone is ‘The Best Smartphone Ever’

Microsoft took a bit of fun this week at Apple’s iPhone 4S feature Siri, by asking a real iPhone 4S, ‘What is The Best Smartphone Ever?’, resulting in Siri showing a Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T. Obviously this is an embarrassment for Apple, who recently sent out an update to rectify the issue. Microsoft showedContinue reading “Siri says Windows Phone is ‘The Best Smartphone Ever’”

Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?

Its that time again, another Apple device has arrived and of course many are going to be queuing on Friday to get their hands on it, but why, isn’t what you’ve already got enough. Its that time again, is the new iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users. iOS 5 iOS 5 willContinue reading “Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?”

Apple’s ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ Event Recap

Well, it happened, Apple did indeed talk iPhone on the ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ event on Tuesday, but did they introduce what we all wanted? Well, that depends who you are, what do we mean by that, well we’ll get in to that. Some interesting stats Apple kicked off the keynote like they always do, withContinue reading “Apple’s ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ Event Recap”

Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!

Apple iPhone Event Announced Confirmed by Apple through invites, the upcoming October 4th Event that had been cerculating around the rumour-mill for a while has been confirmed to be taking place in the form of a simple Apple invitation. Around this time of the year is usually where we expect to hear about updates toContinue reading “Apple iPhone Event confirmed for October 4th!”

Apple iPhone 5 Pre-orders starting September 30th?

Apple’s upcoming 5th iPhone could be set to be released in October and pre-orders could be beginning as soon as September 30th. According to a source at 9ToMac the upcoming iPhone 5 could be released in either October 7th or October 14th based on how well the product production goes, which sources are saying pre-productionContinue reading “Apple iPhone 5 Pre-orders starting September 30th?”