Is Microsoft becoming the Apple of old? Innovative and Cool!

Microsoft has long been a company that we all love to hate, and it’s not just IE, it’s just been one of them companies. In the moments of laughter one thing always seemed to occur, we’d all look up to Apple with all their competing and innovative ways against Microsoft, Apple were the cool company and Microsoft was the other kid always catching up. If you look back though, it’s not too hard to see why we did think that way, OS X was way more advanced than the Windows XPs and Vista’s of the time, and when Apple released the iPhone, then iPad, the game was as good as set. But what about now, is Apple still the cool one and Microsoft the catching up one? I don’t think so, the Apple rush has ended and their yet to replace it with anything new, whilst Microsoft…


Both companies have just finished one of their major developer keynote addresses, notably WWDC 2013 and //build/ 2013, Microsoft has of course been having other events for the X-Box One and future one expected for a major update in Windows Phone. One thing I think it’s fair to say, both events were different, both companies have their own way of expressing and unveiling their new software and hardware releases, but they were also different in a way I don’t think we were quite expecting, has Apple lost it’s cool?

Has Apple lost its cool?

Alright Tim Cook is no Thorsten Heins, but he doesn’t seem to be giving the company much of a cool image either, Steve Jobs was the cool at Apple at the conferences, but the products spoke for themselves to everyone else, but everything just seems to be passing its sell by date. Throughout WWDC 2013, Apple unveiled some pretty awesome, on paper, things. The upcoming version of OS X, stupidly called ‘Mavericks’, don’t get me in to what I think of the name, the upcoming redesign and refreshed approach to iOS with iOS 7 and a Mac Pro that does desktop in everything but the right way, putting bad design over substance. Some rather basic boring hardware internal changed releases were also announced to existing line of Macs too, everything just felt .. expected, boring in fact. The same at a big level goes to the design of everything, has Jony Ive lost it?!!  Apple just seem to have lost their cool, even the usual Apple hecklers didn’t quite know whether to cheer or not at occasions, then we get to what was announced…

OS X Mavericks

OK, I get it Apple, no cats left, but name a software release after some waves obsessed part of California really? I think we’d of actually preferred Sea Lion which they joked about. Mavericks has the usual OS X release gimmicks, adding more iOS apps to the default installed list and calling them new features such as iBooks to name one. Some good things did come out of Mavericks including some inside the hood technologies, including AppNap that allow applications in the background use much less CPU, this should really help with annoying Flash pop up ads in the background, as well as the major improvements to performance, but still you’d expect these features for free even if their OS releases are relatively cheap now.

iOS 7

The first thing we thought when Apple unveiled iOS 7 was “what the heck is that?”. You know when you see something that’s so bad you almost feel bad for the ones that made it who you once had top respect for? iOS 7 does offer everything iOS has needed since maybe iOS 4, such as Control Centre, full multitasking, unlimited folders, a clock icon that tells the time now, but everything else is a pot of paint I wish was returned. The UI is like Android and Windows Phone’s lovechild and the problem with that, if that wasn’t a problematic sound already, is the UI just looks wrong, nothing really works, it’s far too white in so many areas! If people are bored of iOS 6, I’ll give them a few weeks with iOS 7. The annoying thing is it’s actually rather fixable, learn from Windows Phone, dark backgrounds look slick, white backgrounds look boring and waste battery life on the display, in fact even Inverting the Colours in iOS 7 makes the UI look 60billion percent better in almost every app, such as Calendar (below). We’re not gonna show any more to bore you, but just to know that we’re not impressed!

The iOS 7 actually looks better just by inverting, seriously try it with other apps on iOS 7, Apple used the wrong colour of paint!

Mac Pro

Yep, it looks like a trash can, or a bin to us brits, and that’s exactly what it is to anyone that’s wanting a decent Desktop tower to power their beastly machines for future editing and coding intentions will likely want to put it. But, you one of the most annoying things about the new upcoming Mac Pro, and the one thing that makes me scream with annoyance, is just how freaking awesome the previous one was in design! The previous was, by far, the best designed tower even now, the door, drawers from everything to hard drive to PCI slots was just done, perfectly, why couldn’t Apple take that to the next level. But no, Apple had to return to their ever more annoying censoring ways so half of this thing will be impossible to upgrade, which is bad because that’s what the Mac Pro was supposed to be, the Mac you really could upgrade to the max and make it truly yours, so … yeah that’s gone now!

Now to Microsoft…

Fresh off announcing the X-Box One, which we’re keeping schmit about, you won’t see a One or PS4 in our household, Microsoft unveiled Windows 8.1 features and released a fully public beta, no censored paid only developer beta like Apple. Microsoft took a big risk with Windows 8, but when companies take risks we as the consumer win because risk takers are interesting and tend to make some incredible changes to the entire technology industry, and Windows 8 certainly did that, and with 8.1, things are starting to take the shape they need to and things are adding up. 100,000 apps in the Windows 8 Store after just 7 months, doesn’t sound like much until you learn the Mac App Store has 20,000!!! Plus, they show cases an incredible range of new upcoming and now available Windows 8 hardware was shown off, including a new range of Windows 8 machines that are much smaller tablets aimed more squarely to the iPad and Nexus 7s out there, and all for an incredible price.

Has Microsoft become a better Apple

Whether it’s Windows 8, or Windows Phone 8, Microsoft are just doing things differently, dare I say their “thinking different” … WAIT, that used to be Apple’s job! That’s right, now it’s Apple who seems to be playing things safe and making laughable updates to their repetitive hardware and software! On the other side you’ve got Microsoft throwing everything in to what they believe and doing things differently. All I saw at the Build conference was innovation, from the changes in Windows 8.1, even still things from Windows 8, to the hardware that Windows 8 has inspired, just making you want it all …. all I saw at WWDC was expected releases that stand still from previous release and in some cases are worse.

Microsoft now has it’s own computer available to purchase too, the Surface (Pro review here), which lets be honest the entire concept of that design is purely Microsoft’s own and is the reason why so much incredible hardware is coming from the many OEMs out there! Then you look at the Mac, the same laptop and desktop paradigm they’ve had since 2004, what’s Apple doing? Running out of ideas that’s what, and yes Apple has become the old Microsoft!

Now, don’t get me wrong, both companies have their merits and short comings, who doesn’t, but even the regular consumers are starting to notice Apple is beginning to stop innovating at a rapid pace whilst companies like Microsoft are becoming much more interesting companies to follow, watch and more importantly, buy!

Is Apple now the Microsoft of old

Microsoft was the company that released safe releases focused on just getting it out there, with the occasional big highlight feature to get the ads rolling …. that’s Apple now, whilst Microsoft has taken the innovative and think different roles of the Apple of old, what the late Steve Jobs must be thinking watching over us right now, unless Apple pull more than two socks up this next year this trend, that’s already begun, will be soon become complete.


What do you think, do you think Apple has lost it’s cool, has Microsoft found it’s cool, do both suck, or are you stuck in the middle, we’d love to know what you think let us know below.

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One thought on “Is Microsoft becoming the Apple of old? Innovative and Cool!

  1. “Microsoft has long been a company that we all love to hate” – while crApple’s EVIL IMMORAL MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL marketing techniques get Chinese kids selling their health + donating a kidney to pay for vacuous, technologically inferior/POOR quality or even frequently ripped off(STOLEN tech crApple is TOO GREEDY to pay legally for ( just like Jobs had to ‘buy his chances of getting a donor organ ‘ his liver + use a bent surgeon/hospital for a Liver transplant his diagnosed INSULINOMA was not only MEDICALLY IMMORAL it was even worse CONTRAINDICATED for – thus he only got 1 wretched cancer riddled year before TERMINATION for his UNRIVALED selfish humanity + was, unreported by the mostly bought media, knock back from all ENDLESS cutting edge developing new therapies he DESPERATELY tried to buy weeks before his demise:D)/slapped together BROKEN tech.

    Conversely the failure of Vista + 8 vs. XP + 7 MARKET DOMINATING/’Mac OS’ SLAUGHTERING success – shows M$ marketing isnt much responsible for effecting their products sales – When the population hates a Win release they dont buy it – when they LOVE a windows release M$ regain the WORLDWIDE dominance of the computer OS platform they had FOR DECADES crApples OS(with crippled hardware with their thermodynamics designed by a SCIENTIFICALLY CLUELESS NERDY ARTIST – talk about being taken for a ride with technological ignorance + PAYING EXTRA for the privilege of being RAPED) computer market REMAINS an INSIGNIFICANT few % of worldwide mkt UNKNOWN outside the technological ignorant/gullible US population, While crApples shares + market share are TERMINALLY shrinking as Jobs inspirational idea ENDED with him ( ITS THINNER!! yes a desktop 1″ slimmer is so PRACTICAL + useful for a desktop just THINK of what you could do with all that EXTRA storage space + how difference it will look – just like a 1″ LCD replacing a 4ft DEEP CRT LMFAO – but its the USUAL BARE FACED LIE (its only thinner looking at the front) the crap iMac( the THERMODYNAMICALLY CRIPPLED ONLY DESKTOP made from MOBILE parts :D: D :D) in question still has a FCUK UGLY BULGE at the back.

    There’s only room 4 one M$ being reborn like a phoenix from the fires constantly over the decades – while Apple have achieved world crushing dominance with their mobile platform. there is NO chance they will make the comeback M$ do so unfeasibly from the end of last century to the start of this one, there success in REAL people’s REAL experiences + memories with their software will BE REMEMBERED over time UNLIKE crApples conjuring trick on those with weak minds that lack the understanding of the scientific method or the technology that they are buying. Even now ALL the iPhones are UNIVERSALLY DERIDED/ACCEPTED as the WORST MOBILE PHONE ever made ie for communicating efficiently to people orally :D + thats while crApple still retain a significant market share – imaging how SLAGGED OFF + forgotten their inferior gimmicks will be in the future when Apple have long since having a significant mkt share – the laws of probably s STATE there is NO chance for another M$ in this era – Apple CAN + WILL not make a comeback GARGANTUAN MONSTER, NARCISSISTIC Personality disorder, JOBS is DEAD + BURIED along with his ideas

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