Microsoft announce a duo of powerful new Surface Books

It may have taken 2 years to arrive, but they finally did, the successor to the original Surface Book is here, and it’s brought a larger more powerful friend with it. That’s right, the Surface Book 2 isn’t just one form factor, but two itself, the same 13.5 inch remains, but now a larger beefierContinue reading “Microsoft announce a duo of powerful new Surface Books”

Microsoft announce all new Surface Pro (2017) and Microsoft Whiteboard

It’s thinner, it’s lighter and features much more curvature than ever before on a Surface Pro so it’s a pleasure to use, combine that with an all new Pen, an even more impressive Kickstand and LTE support, is their anything this thing doesn’t do to impress, well, no. The interesting thing about the Surface ProContinue reading “Microsoft announce all new Surface Pro (2017) and Microsoft Whiteboard”

We’re using a Surface 3 in 2017 … and it’s going better than you’d think!

If you can even believe it, the Surface 3 was released back in 2015, which whilst that doesn’t yet make it a 2-year-old device, as it was late 2015, it remains even today as Microsoft’s latest budget conscious and truly portable Surface, and we’re still loving the thing today! It’s not a powerhouse, but itContinue reading “We’re using a Surface 3 in 2017 … and it’s going better than you’d think!”

Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event 2015: Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Surface Pro 4 and so much more!

Microsoft went all out in their Windows 10 Devices Event today, whilst they did discuss enhancements coming to former and alternate categories of the company, from Windows 10 for Xbox One and some incredible Hololens demonstrations (in which is now available to test Q1 2016 for a small $3,000), the event was all about MicrosoftContinue reading “Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event 2015: Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Surface Pro 4 and so much more!”

Windows RT update won’t work with Windows 10, just a Start change? Where have we seen that before.

Ah, Windows RT, whilst on paper a good idea, getting the Windows platform to run on mobile chips, meaning more efficiently and diversely able to compete with Android and iOS closely, but that never really worked did it? Whilst we had our own dabbles with Windows RT, in which we were actually a fan ofContinue reading “Windows RT update won’t work with Windows 10, just a Start change? Where have we seen that before.”

Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft

If you were expecting a hoard of product announcements and a couple of new flagships, then you will be disappointed by this years Build, where Microsoft focused entirely on software and development in this years conference. Sure, this is Build, but still would’ve been nice to see something else, however since the keynote, quite aContinue reading “Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft”

Why I’m switching to Surface Pro 3?

It’s not often we get posts inspired by submitted posts, but this is one of those occasions. As you may, or may not, be aware, we allow anyone to post a Tech blog to our website through our ‘The Tech Show Submission Page‘, and we received a post the other day, however it was aContinue reading “Why I’m switching to Surface Pro 3?”

Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3

Microsoft today finally took the wraps off, not the Surface mini but what can you do, the Surface Pro 3, 12 inch tablet that’s finally ready to take on the laptops of the world. The Surface is already easily the most productive tablet in existent, but now things get even better with the Surface ProContinue reading “Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3”

Microsoft Surface 2 First Impressions

The Surface 2 is one of the two of Microsoft’s 2nd generation of Surface devices, other being the Surface Pro 2. The Surface 2 is the 2nd generation Surface RT running Windows 8.1 RT out of the box. Whilst most improvements over the original are mainly performance, the Surface 2 has so much more underContinue reading “Microsoft Surface 2 First Impressions”

Nokia World 2013 = Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

Here it is, they did it, at Nokia World today, Nokia finally announced their first Windows 8 based tablet. Whilst the device may run the ARM based version of Windows 8, and also be Nokia’s first SnapDragon 800 device, Windows RT, it sure packs a punch and could easily turn you away from that Surface 2 purchase youContinue reading “Nokia World 2013 = Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet”

Microsoft teases FY14 plans with Start-esc graphic!

Today at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston today, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer B. Kevin Turner took to the stage and revealed some rather exciting things happening in the world of Microsoft through FY14 (Fiscal Year 2014). As you can see from the Start-esc design, it shows just a few of the big highlightsContinue reading “Microsoft teases FY14 plans with Start-esc graphic!”

Is Microsoft becoming the Apple of old? Innovative and Cool!

Microsoft has long been a company that we all love to hate, and it’s not just IE, it’s just been one of them companies. In the moments of laughter one thing always seemed to occur, we’d all look up to Apple with all their competing and innovative ways against Microsoft, Apple were the cool companyContinue reading “Is Microsoft becoming the Apple of old? Innovative and Cool!”