Blog Monday 5th September 2011

Well its been a while since my last blog, but hey, nought had happened that week. So err… yeah.

This week has been very Grandad filled, literally, I’ve seen more of Grandad Lee this week than I have anyone, I knoww!!! But hey, its been interesting. Multiple rock outs on Guitar Hero with my unique Paul Simonon inspired bass style. But hey, we didn’t half find some of the best ever crappest pile of rubbish ever, we ended up watching the most weirdest film ever, ‘Barberalla’, with the worst ever storyline … take that, french comics, and effects, and why are they searching for Duran Duran lol. Very strange film. And who can forget the amazing but pathetic Jamaican Cops where men get arrested for carrying drugs … fair enough, but also for carrying very dangerous weapons like …. scissors? Yeaahhh.

We did some quite amazing Guitar Hero lineups all week, but have fear people, you’ve now not just got to watch out for Damn Crows, but now for the amazingly titled and always underrated ‘The Flock of Lard’ oh yes!!!

Then at the end of the week it was the main event, OK the time might have swifted for another bigger event and much more important one, but we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the Drunken Duck, ooo it had everything. More drunken ingredient, err… dry wipe pens with drawn ducks … ugh, what more do you want! lol. But the main event was the sad departure of one of my best mates Kai. Not to sound weird, so I won’t … yeah! But yeah, Kai has been a really great friend and its a shame to see him go, its his choice to like so that makes it better I suppose, but the groups really lost a great asset. Good luck with the future Kai anyway. What makes it kinda worse is that we probably won’t see Jess either, ugh, too much sad news man. But they’ve promised they will come around every now and then, which I hope they do, really great friends them two. Bit annoying Kai forgot his present like, but hey, hopefully give him it next time I see it, a Craig Ferguson stand up DVD by the way, one of the reasons why I love Jess to be honest, and anyone who respects and mostly understands the Ferguson humour. Gonna miss alot of laughs with that lot. But anyway, to cut a dreary story short, good luck you two.

In other news I’ve been listening again to Everything Everything, which are probably the weirdest band in my iPod, really though, their music is odd yet amazing. I decided to roll around for some b-sides and rareties. Ended up finding probably the best and weirdest Rihanna cover ever, awesome! And probably my new favourite song which is exclusively on the Japanese version …. I knoww, why do the Japanese get everything, pfft. But yeah, some really great music, embedded both those at the bottom, I mean why not, there awesome!

What’s My Name (Cover)

Wizard Talk

One thing that was interesting about the night with Kai was he asked us all what we all had planned for the upcoming year, and future really, which with most of us intoxicated he probably didn’t get the response he was looking for and got more the response you’d expect, a drunken one. But it got me thinking, I tell you I don’t actually know, and I do think thats a problem, but hey, suppose I want the same I’ve always wanted. All I want is to feel true love from someone, and to advance in education to decent work, like most to be honest.

Gets you thinking thought doesn’t it, what do you want to have achieved this time next year? Hmm. Really gets me thinking anyway. Ah well. Education starts on Wednesday with the induction thingy, so well, think that officially means the hols are over sadly. Been interesting suppose. Although 90% of it I’d like to forget and move on.

E-ya Later


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