Blog Monday 5th September 2011

Well its been a while since my last blog, but hey, nought had happened that week. So err… yeah. This week has been very Grandad filled, literally, I’ve seen more of Grandad Lee this week than I have anyone, I knoww!!! But hey, its been interesting. Multiple rock outs on Guitar Hero with my uniqueContinue reading “Blog Monday 5th September 2011”

Keane – My Shadow Danny Dance Remix Review

With great music comes great remixes, and Keane are definitely no exception. My Shadow is a song made as an extra for ‘Perfect Symmetry’ album for Keane as an iTunes exclusive, and released fully through the ‘Night Train’ EP. The remix for My Shadow has been created by DannyDance The remix starts off with aContinue reading “Keane – My Shadow Danny Dance Remix Review”

Keane – Night Train EP Review

Keane – Night Train EP Review House Lights – House Lights is a short intro track, which features alot of influences from Black Burning Heart, in fact if you played this before Black Burning Heart, it would probably sound like the same song, not too keen on this as I don’t think it should beContinue reading “Keane – Night Train EP Review”

Girls – My Regrets – (First Love)

This blog has been put on as part of an e-mail I recieved about me and girls, yes I have once not been single ya know, even if its never been more than a week, but heh! — >First Regret/Love/Crush; Set the scene, first school, the time when your just beginning to think that girlsContinue reading “Girls – My Regrets – (First Love)”

The most epic 3 hours of my life!!!

Would you believe me if I told you, me and Robert set off at half six and walked to IKEA and back and arrived back at five past nine on the dott? Well you better do because we did!!! Originally we were going to do one of our classic Mazebrook walks, takes about half anContinue reading “The most epic 3 hours of my life!!!”

My Vibration Hell!

In ICT, Nathan and Adam thought it would be hilarious to ring me up when they know I’m on silent and that my phone would vibrate, first time I thought OK, annoying, but deal with it, then I went to hand in some work and Miss Jassal started explaining something I they kept phoning andContinue reading “My Vibration Hell!”

Lyric: ‘Thin Air’ Dedicated to Mary

I can’t keep up You’re moving too fast Deep holes and darkness These things will part Dark times and strange places where When I came to see you You had nothing to say I stood right beside you You turned the other way I reached out to hold you And found nobody there You turnContinue reading “Lyric: ‘Thin Air’ Dedicated to Mary”