Blog Sunday 5th June 2011

Since my last blog there’s been the holiday which is about to finish, err there’s been many trips out and more amazing musical ventures and more.

Trip to Meadowhall and A Curious Letter

A few weeks now but hey, still before my last blog. Me, Rob, Grandad and Caddy went on a trip to probably the most amazing thing outside of West Yorkshire that I regularly venture to, mostly because it’s the closest Apple Store. Apple for some reason decided to ignore the existence of West Yorkshire, but hey I digress. Whilst they were many conversations along the way, including the never ending nagging at Rob at getting a really crap phone lol, but hey. Went to the Apple Store mainly to check out the new white iPhone 4, which is most definitely thicker than the black one. To which the good ol Grandad Lee popped in to inform us all that he would soon be getting a White iPhone 4, good choice mate, thought you were gonna get somert like a Blackberry lol. The only people I accept to have a Blackberry are either very attractive women or people who have been contracted by a business company to have one. And no Rob falls in to none of those categories. Anyway, one thing that was annoying about going to the Apple Store at Meadowhall when we did was that it was just before Apple Stores 10th birthday when Apple completely revamped them with iPads, grrreaat. Anyway, whilst they had some dinner at some ‘trying to be posh but failing badly apart from the price’ restaurant, I went to McDs, common bloke me and always will be. Informed Rob about my using a Secretariat horse for his big day lol. But hey, an interesting day, atleast it was until we all seemed to be forced out by Rob, much to Lees enjoyment. But hey, the day wasn’t to end there though, we headed to a very raining Leeds for Rob to discover that banks are assholes, I know newsflash! We went to a few pubs, we also went to a pub that we visited on my birthday bash to much of my surprise I ordered a pint and hidden within my change by the rather beautiful barmaid was a advertisement but it had her name on it with a thanks and a kiss, so I was a bit … ya know about that. Unfortunately we didn’t have another there so I couldn’t tell if it was true or not but hey. It was pretty interesting to say the least.


College has been really really interesting …. OK it hasn’t but hey. We’ve reached that time of the year where all you’re doing is the same work again to get it perfect, but hey it’s been pretty interesting thanks to the awesome guys there. Aaron managed to walk in to a wall and injured above his left eye, which is hilarious and just speaks for itself to be honest. Met one of Aarons mates who is a combination of American and Polish, I know, a combination of oh and ugh, but hey, not a bad bloke. My motivation for College has been just going for the fun with the friends but that’s changed recently after getting closer to getting the next course sorted out all I kinda want to do now so main focus in this coming week is getting all the remaining courses passed and done and stuff, so yeah, unfortunately I thought this at the end of the hols, so kinda back to rushing, back to Coll tomorrow, but hey. Whatcha gunna do.

The Hols

Whilst the holidays are pretty much over, what can you do eh, some stuff have happened so err yeah.

Over at Caddys

The Friday before the holidays began wasn’t a College day so I successfully woke up err… late and well, ya know. But on Saturday ended up at Caddys which was interesting, especially due to Grandad Lees amazing time keeping, meeting him at quarter to 8 actually meaning quarter to 6, ahh, only Grandad! Kai and Jess joined us for most of the night which always makes it pretty awesome, there was also Flash there, who the last and first time I really saw him it resulted being in a car blurting out SCOOBYDOOBYDUU!!! full blast through a Tesco carpark lol, but hey! It turned out to be very awesome, recorded some pretty amazing stuff for our upcoming debut album lol, and some well, not so amazing stuff, but hey, some pretty epic songs to say the least. Nice to know that the place I always get my chips from knows who I am when I ordered my Chips over the phone they know all about my love of salt, which was pretty epic.

It must be love … right?

Not going to go into too much detail as I think the worst thing I did was tell my friends about the whole meeting up with a little special someone. I’ve always kept relationships anonymous between friends and have regularly lied to friends (sorry guys lol) to go on dates with women, which have all gone very very well …. Lol. But anyway, no one and I mean no one has ever made me feel as emotional as this individual does. It sort of annoyed me when I told everyone that I was meeting up with her last time just as friends and they made it out, well they were just stupid to be honest, but I think that we maybe meeting up for an actual date soon which is overpowering my heart at the moment. I’m scared shitless to be honest about the day we meet up soon, I just hope I don’t fuck it up as she means so much to me, more than anyone ever has, years of waiting and building up to, ohh man! We’ll all see I guess. So nervous, and it’s days a way yet.

Lee gets an iPhone

Dum duh duuuhhh, Grandad Lee has gone away from a conn Orange contract and an old Sony Ericsson to get a White iPhone 4 on Three. Which annoyingly means that I will likely get bugged for a few weeks whilst he learns to use it lol, no, there better than that, the easiest to use smartphone in fact. Only problems he’s been having so far is Three reception, we’ll see how it goes as you’ve got 10 days money back guarantee on a contract so if a network change is required make the decision to change soon rather than been left in a long contract, especially if it’s the network and not the phone.

Ought Else

Well the biggest one is WWDC 201 tomorrow where Apple will definitely introduce iOS5, Mac OSX Lion and the iCloud service, whether they introduce a new iPhone is unknown but unlikely, but we’ll see, only time will tell and a blog will follow.

Another pretty awesome thing I’ve found is an awesome version of Stylo by Gorillaz by a band that actually has Simon Tong in who has actually played live for Gorillaz, and Damons other two bands as well, Blur and The Good The Bad And The Queen.

I’ve likely forgot alot in this blog but hey don’t mind, tell me if I have.

Well that’s all for now, E-Ya Later


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