Blog Sunday 16th October 2011

Since my last blog I’ve sorted out my finance and finally got my first payment, I know they didn’t half take their time. The main reason I didn’t add a blog last week was basically because nought happened … well stuff happened, but just not enough. Uni College … Uni whatever you want to friggingContinue reading “Blog Sunday 16th October 2011”

Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011

Since my last blog … well, not much has happened, which is good as I can’t really be assed typing much today, so woo about that I suppose. College College this week has been a bit less annoying than last week, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have to spend my back upContinue reading “Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011”

Blog Sunday 25th September 2011 – This is a Big One

OK, it might have been quite a while since my last blog, but my god it hasn’t half all happened. Not only have I lost my course place due to the most stupidest of excuses ever, undergone complaints to get it back and ugh so much more, I’ll get into that later. But I’ve we’veContinue reading “Blog Sunday 25th September 2011 – This is a Big One”

Blog Sunday 21st August 2011

Well, its been two weeks since my last blog which is already against the whole new schedule thingy I was supposed to be doing, oh joy I’ve failed already. Who Needs Social Networks? I challenged myself this week by going a whole week without social networks, in which I’m still in the middle of actually.Continue reading “Blog Sunday 21st August 2011”

Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011

Having not posted anything throughout the month of July you’re probably thinking my god Ben you are just taking the piss in the laws of laziness, well … kinda, but its the holidays so everyone is kinda occupied and of course I’ve been undergoing a massive revamp of the RKUK Media website so things haveContinue reading “Holiday Blog Sunday 7th August 2011”

Blog Sunday 5th June 2011

Since my last blog there’s been the holiday which is about to finish, err there’s been many trips out and more amazing musical ventures and more. Trip to Meadowhall and A Curious Letter A few weeks now but hey, still before my last blog. Me, Rob, Grandad and Caddy went on a trip to probablyContinue reading “Blog Sunday 5th June 2011”

Blog Sunday 3rd April 2011

Well it’s been a hectic few days which turned in to weeks, not only has there been an end for my cats life, people getting bones sticking out of their body, this blog not been released on the last Monday date because of so much new shit happening, but on the plus side I’ve gotContinue reading “Blog Sunday 3rd April 2011”

Blog Sunday 27th February 2011 – Hols, OSX Lion, Ghosts and more!

Well its been another one of those weeks off you get now and then, and like normal I’ve taken full advantage of the time off … yyeaahhhh! Alright, lets get on with it. Last week of College The week before the holidays was full of weirdness, but hey, have no fear, it was only IrishContinue reading “Blog Sunday 27th February 2011 – Hols, OSX Lion, Ghosts and more!”

Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more

Well this has been a rather exciting weekend to be honest, well lets face it I’ve had an exciting Sunday. First of all I’ve got a 21.5″ iMac for £732, more on why it was that much in a minute. The iMac I’ve got has a 3.06Ghz Intel dual core processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM,Continue reading “Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more”

Blog Sunday 13th December 2009

Its really kinda my fault I haven’t had a blog for nearly a month, so its only right I rush to it before its too late. Since my last blog I’ve had headache with EMA, missed three weeks of EMA because they decided to, I don’t know, not pay me, but finally got it sortedContinue reading “Blog Sunday 13th December 2009”

Blog Sunday 19th April 2009

Well, newsflash, Sundays suddenly are rather worth existing now, yep, probably my first Sunday blog with something interesting and new, anyway back to the story. Masaga Not saying much, but Masaga is a new upcoming show coming up, which is inspired by the combination of The IT Crowd, and Bottom. So basically it the combinationContinue reading “Blog Sunday 19th April 2009”

Blog Sunday 21st December 2008 – Xmas No1 and MacBook Price Plan

Expect: Xmas No.1, New MacBook Method, +more! Xmas No.1 Don’t know if anyone guessed but surprise surprise it was indeed X-Factor’s Alexandra Burke with her highly christmasy, not song ‘Hallelujah’. Its not so bad, better than the original anyway! New MacBook Method As you know the most desirable notebook on the planet is of courseContinue reading “Blog Sunday 21st December 2008 – Xmas No1 and MacBook Price Plan”