Blog Sunday 5th June 2011

Since my last blog there’s been the holiday which is about to finish, err there’s been many trips out and more amazing musical ventures and more. Trip to Meadowhall and A Curious Letter A few weeks now but hey, still before my last blog. Me, Rob, Grandad and Caddy went on a trip to probablyContinue reading “Blog Sunday 5th June 2011”

Blog Friday 5th and 6th November 2010 – Holidays, College, Trips Out, Data and more!

I really need to start keeping up my blogs, been nearly a month ouch! Coming up in this blog, yes we are now a TV show, week holiday, which in itself I catch up with an another old friend, Mt Desolation and ooh so much more! So, lets get to it. Before I start IContinue reading “Blog Friday 5th and 6th November 2010 – Holidays, College, Trips Out, Data and more!”

Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!

Not to start the day on a low note, but is it me or was everyone either missing today, or just extremely moody, have no idea why, I know it rained but thats just taking the mik, anyway, back to a more exciting subject eh! Birthday Bash On Wednesday, been February 3rd was of courseContinue reading “Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!”

Blog Sunday 5th July 2009 – Life + Apple News

Well its been pretty weird since finishing college, to be honest you only realise your in a holiday when you forget what day it is, today I could of sworn it was Monday, but obviously it’s Sunday, go figure, the date is the blog title. Last night I was pretty much f***ed and lost trackContinue reading “Blog Sunday 5th July 2009 – Life + Apple News”

Week Blog Monday 5th – Friday 9th January 2009

This week, if I can say that, more on that later, has been quite a good come back and I suppose one reason why is because a week wasn’t really a week! Thanks to Andrew being meaning Wednesday was never to be, meaning both Wednesday and Thursday days off, and Friday featured a lesson fromContinue reading “Week Blog Monday 5th – Friday 9th January 2009”

Weekend Blog Sat 4th – Sun 5th October 2008

This weekend has been pretty much average really, on Saturday I decided to close my blog on Blogger, although I’ll still be visiting Sam’s new blog as it is, what you could say, err interesting, to say the least. His way of talking about Emily is very strange yet hilarious, especially when he says wordsContinue reading “Weekend Blog Sat 4th – Sun 5th October 2008”

Blog Saturday 5th April 2008

I woke up with a dead spider on my nose which started the day perfectly, besides that, an OK morning! I’m adding Daniel Bedingfield to MP3ME bit of a shock I know but it was requested and to be honest, he is a fantastic singer! I’m recording a video showing website people how to addContinue reading “Blog Saturday 5th April 2008”