Apple Event 2010 – Come See Our New Creation … the iPad!

We all saw it coming and today it came, the all new Apple Tablet was launched today by Apple are their special event today. I have to say its nice seen as Apple pulled out of Macworld last year to see an Apple Event in January, even they must know it feels right now!

iPad Introduction
In my eyes the only downside to the Apple Event today was there was only one thing announced, but it is indeed a cracker, of course we are talking about the tablet, or “iPad”. The iPad is a tablet based machine running a larger version of the iPhone OS, but don’t cry now, it does have some exclusive features, this isn’t just a larger iPod Touch. All main applications that come with an iPod Touch have been completely changed to make them exclusive in functionality on the iPad, very easy to see why that is and thats the amazing growth in screen size, I mean 9″ is alot bigger than 3.5″ any day.
At this moment in time full details apart from hardware specs are very shady around the iPad and somethings at the moment don’t add up and contradict themselves when you go from source to source. What we do know is the tablet (if we can call it that) has a 9″ LED backlit display, which looks about the same as an expanded iPod Touch. It also has a Apple A4 processor … a what? Apple have created a processor/graphics processor bundle for the iPad which supports 1Ghz of processing speed which compared to the 3GS is a massive improvement in speed which can only be a good thing when you run applications through this device.
Speaking of which…

iPad Applications
I know what your thinking oh great, start from the beginning with the iPad, can’t be bothered, got apps on my iPhone/iTouch that I love. But don’t fear, person who can’t do a sentence correctly, the iPad will actually run pretty much all apps on the App Store designed for the iPhone/iPod Touch as is, or you can view them in full screen. Of course this won’t look picture perfect but the fact is its 9″ gameplay of an iPhone game, atleast its backward compatible.
But, like the iPhone, Apple have released a whole new SDK for the iPad so that developers can create applications for iPad alone meaning incredible graphics and performance, I mean, come on its got 1Ghz processor power, it’ll “scream” as Steve Jobs would say. At the conference Gameloft, WSJ and EA demoed work in progress games on the iPad (games apparently created in 2 weeks, though was doubted abit when one of the developers said he’d had it for 3) which looked amazing given the time they had.
One last interesting thing Apple have done to the iPad is create iWork for it, oh yes, no iWork ’10 for Mac, but iWork for iPad yes, based on what we’ve seen it seems to work great. Still not sure what happens at the File > Save As stage of the game though.

iPad and iBooks
Go on, tell us your surprised, yes, Apple have indeed done something rather obvious when it comes to Tablets and thats added Books to the proceedings and if you know Apple you’ll find it no surprise they’ve made a store, the iBook Store. I’m not really a reader of any books, may try it with magazines if they come around. Apple have, like when movie rentals came to iTunes, partnered with big name companies in the er … book world. So yeh, all this will be in a new app exclusive to the iPad called iBooks, not to be mistaken for the predecessor to the MacBook brand notebook called the iBook. Call me fussy but $14.99 seemed a bit pricey for a book, but hey, its Apple. One thing I will say is the iPad definitely is probably the best device so far at reading books, every other device I’ve seen including the Kindle (Amazon) seems a bit awkward or fake to read. Anyway, so thats iBooks.

iPad Accessories,
The iPad like more or less all Apple devices apart from the Mac (and thats only because they have USB ports of their own) charges using the good ol’ iPod Dock Connector, but how the hell are you going to charge this product elegantly, well Apple have introduced a Keyboard Dock, basically its a plug-in keyboard, more or less identical to the Apple Keyboard (without Numeric Keypad) and looks the same, with a spot at the front where the iPad sits. If anything this is fantastic for typing alot of information, based on just a few minutes of typing on the iPhone (remember doing a blog on it) your fingers start to feel weird. This is just one of the many reasons I don’t think touch is completely ready to take over, don’t get me wrong what it does now is amazing, but no one so far has thought of a perfect 100% solution.
Well I say a case, more of a sleeve, but no doubt millions of manufactures will create their own and they’ll hopefully be more exciting to look at.
This is also apparently an accessory, this plus iWork integration makes file storage one of the interesting parts of this, can you store just everyday files on the iPad

The iPad actually starts at only $499 (UK prices not announced yet) which sounds alot (it’ll sound alot soon) but for a tablet thats not bad. Here (below) are the full US pricing.
16GB = $499
32GB = $599
64GB = $699
3G Option
16GB = $629
32GB = $729
64GB = $829

Basic known Specs
Display = 9″ (9.7 inches at 25cm) with IPS LED backlit LCD (1024×768) 4:3
Processor = 1Ghz Apple A4 custom-designed chip
Storage = 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash memory.
Wireless = 802.11b/a/g/n with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
3G Internet = Unlocked 7.2Mb/s HSDPA 3G connectivity (only on 3G version)
OS Version = iPhone OS (Custom)
Size = 9.56 inch (24.3cm) x 7.47 inch (19cm) x 0.5 inch (1.3cm / yes that thin!)

Yes we’re over already, have to say I would of preferred it if it wasn’t a complete iPad show as I do think alot of things were dragged out a bit. Apart from the classic status update at the start, iPod, Mac and iPhone weren’t really mentioned.
I personally don’t think this tablet will do as well as Apple are promoting it, yes its good but even I whos trying to promote it is struggling not to refer it as a large screen iPod Touch, apart from the 3G connectivity (open to all networks) option their really isn’t too much differences. So, sorry Apple but not impressed. But I actually don’t blame Apple, I blame rumour sites, we’d love it 10x more if no one had gone on rumour sites and spread information posted there as true. But oh well.


*60 days of Blog date.


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