Apple 21.5" iMac (late-2009) 10-day Review

Welcome to my 10-day review of the 21.5″ iMac. All I can say very quickly is, wow how fast this is compared to my aluminium MacBook, that just amazed me, although the specs do reflect this, its just awesome.

3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB DDR3 RAM (up to 16GB)
500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse
+everything else iMac.

First Impression
Unboxing this thing was epic, the box is huge and Apple don’t half make unboxing exciting, seriously when you unbox a PC you get a tatty cardboard box and … well its just extremely boring, even if you’re really looking forward to it, a PC unboxing just isn’t exciting. And as all iMac owners, their is nothing more beautiful than the first time you take the plastic off the screen, you’re forced to say “that looks beautiful”, why I don’t know, it controls you.
So, boot it up “DUNNNNNN”. Then, wow. I was amazed by the quality of the speakers, they truly shocked me, still using dedicated speakers though. All I can say that I didn’t say in my previous iMac blog was its a fantastic computer and I can’t recommend it anymore ……. oh yeh, I did say that.

10 Day Impression
OK, rather than overviewing what I’ve already said I’ll get to the points. The display is absolutely amazing, I have a 21.5″ HP display, which I was planning on using with a Mac mini before deciding on an iMac, but the iMac just shoots it down, I tried dual-monitoring, but it is to me an offence to the iMac to have a display like that plugged in, so I’m just iMac, thinking of selling the HP Display so if anyone wants a 21.5″ HP display (1080P, VGA, supports HDMI) then get in touch, for a small monitory contribution.
The machine is lightning fast, I can’t imagine the 27″ model with the i7, I bet its an absolute blast on that! All I’m gonna say is I’ve used a Windows 7 (64-bit) machine (won’t embarrass PC manufacturer) with 8GB of RAM and this iMac is soooo faster and with half RAM for a start, although … thats Windows for ya.
I really can’t explain how much I love this machine, I cannot recommend a better desktop to anyone, although I do understand a few problems are occurring with the 27″ but happy to report they’ll be sorted very soon, but the 21.5″ ya can’t go wrong.
The new SD Card reader is also very very quick, transfer rate I mean, I’m actually using an SD card as my primary storage instead of a USB stick just because of how quick the transfer rate is, love it.
The only thing that got me at first is the Superdrive, on a MacBook its easy, but on an iMac you just need to take a bit of care when inserting discs in the drive, do it wrong and you’ll scratch your disc viciously with the surrounding aluminium, but ones you’ve got the hang of it your fine.

Apple Wireless Keyboard VS Apple Wired Keyboard
Seen as I was planning to get a Mac mini I bought a Mighty Mouse and Apple’s Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, but the iMac came with the wireless keyboard and here’s what I think of it. Firstly, had the machine for 10 days and the keyboard hasn’t even left 100% battery (2x AA batteries, included) and because its Bluetooth, the iMac only has the AC adapter plugged in, neat. Have to admit, I thought I’d miss the numeric keypad, but seriously haven’t approached a time when I’ve even accidentally gone to the right looking for it, but if you need a numeric keypad it is no further expense to customise the iMac and get that instead, same with the Magic Mouse, or Mighty Mouse (or as its known as now simply ‘Apple Mouse’).

Apple Magic Mouse VS Apple Mouse (Apple Mighty Mouse)
I, like pretty much the entire planet, was unsure about the Magic Mouse, but have to say its fantastic, but don’t get me wrong I can see many people not liking it and I can also see many good reasons why, but you can always plug another mouse in.
Using the Magic Mouse is alot better than I thought, though like Apple’s Trackpads on the MacBooks you go on the PC side and look like an idiot when you try to scroll on a PC mouse like on the Magic Mouse, but its seamless and like the video for the iMac says, you just do it like its always been that way.
But, out of everything I do think the Magic Mouse you’ll either absolutely love, or absolutely hate, so try one out for a while in an Apple Store just to check.

Overview and score!
Performance : 
Design : 
Included Peripherals = 
Value for Money = 

Overall =  price: £969 (Apple UK Store)
price paid: £732

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