Blog Sunday 24th January 2010 – New iMac and more

Well this has been a rather exciting weekend to be honest, well lets face it I’ve had an exciting Sunday. First of all I’ve got a 21.5″ iMac for £732, more on why it was that much in a minute. The iMac I’ve got has a 3.06Ghz Intel dual core processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive and … well the specs are here aren’t theyLINK. It also can be upgraded to 16GB of DDR3 RAM in the future. My basic first impressions of this system is, fast, beautiful and well I just love it. The 3.06GHz processor naturally puts my MacBook’s 2.4GHz to shame but you expect that, I just love everything. The wireless keyboard is awesome, and because its Bluetooth I can actually type a sentence upstairs whilst the iMac is downstairs, call me sad but I’ve tried it! I’d always had my doubts about the Magic Mouse but I have to say I absolutely love it, it looks amazing and is amazing to be honest. My favourite thing about the Magic Mouse is when you scroll you can scroll slowly, then woosh, your on the bottom of the page based on the speed of your scroll … you have to have one to understand.

Any problems with the iMac?
I can honestly say I haven’t had a single one, everything is working par so far! All you need is to look at it to love it. In fact my Dad’s just upgraded to Windows 7 on his Dell and he’s admitting the iMac is alot better so much for ‘I’m a PC’ on his part.

What? £732 … how?!
I got my iMac from Argos and that is exactly the reason why, to be honest I think I’m the last one to get it from that amazing bargain price. The price was not meant to be that much, all I’ve got to say is look in the Argos Cat. page 557, whilst Argos have noticed their mistake online by updating the Argos website displaying the iMac at £949, which in itself is £20 less than the standard Apple UK Store price, because its advertised as £732 in the Argos catalogue even the ones at the store its against the law for them not to sell it at that price, which they did. However before you run to the Argos stores to get yourself a £220 cheaper iMac, just be informed by me purchasing it, which was done by an Argos manager, now means it will be £949 no matter what, despite new catalogues still been given advertising the same price. They are also sorting the problem out with the 3rd party company that prints the catalogues. But for me, and wouldn’t surprise me, quite a few others, happy days. I now don’t have an empty bank balance on my birthday!

Best features of the iMac!
Apart from everything, by the way I’ll be upgrading it to 8GB DDR3 RAM soon, just to give it abit more grr, I was gonna do it to the max 16GB, but hey whats the point, put it this way 4GB that comes with its fast, 8GB will scream, 16GB will prob blow it up, well y know, plus there is the whole part of affording it. Anyway, best feature of the iMac to me is actually the speakers, seriously they are better than you’d expect, and I bet some people are reading this going, wow, the iMac has speakers! Don’t get me wrong speakers are better but I challenge you to find speakers better than the iMacs that are built in to a computer. And the screen is just to die for, whilst I wanted the 27″ model, based on the fact thats been having a few issues that are, slowly but surely, getting solved as time goes by, I’m glad I didn’t because with an iMac, or any PC attempt to copy it all-in-one, a 21.5″ display isn’t a 21.5″ display, it feels and is alot better than just a display and because its also a computer feels bigger. So yeh, speakers and display! I’ve heard the 27″ models speakers are even better!

Worst features of the iMac!
What worst features, seriously its all good, the only problem I had with it is I think the aluminium edges are a bit too sharp, but hey who touches desktops a lot, only when your moving it and thats rare.

Overall first impressions!
I keep forgetting I’ve only had it a few hours, love it, easily networked my MacBook to transfer files. I cannot anymore recommend the 21.5″ iMac, it just rocks at all you throw at it. I’ll have a 6 month review for you in … well, 6 months.

And that my first impressions of the iMac

E-Ya Later


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