Why we didn’t cover CES 2020

Whilst we had a big selection of coverage of CES 2019 last year, it’s not gone unnoticed that our coverage of CES 2020 is more or less inexistent, well, they’re just straight up isn’t any. The reason for this is simple, the direction where CES has gone over the last few years.

Whilst we cover technology, its clear that CES just is no longer the place to get the coverage that we are looking. for. In terms of Smartphone announcements, we have a mini, semi-pointless variant of Samsung’s S10 and Note, and that’s more or less about it. The event has focused on the advancements in TV technology, which is incredible, but there’s nothing really which has come out of it for the every day consumer.

One thing that has happened, more or less over the last 12 months especially, but was very noticeable at CES is the advancement in technology from AMD, especially comparatively versus Intel, which is getting insane to see. This is a direction that we’ve not normally gone down, in terms of technology that we cover, but this may be something we start to cover over 2020, as we have been fascinated to see the rise in AMD in the CPU space, we’d just like to see that in the GPU space. We may do a post on AMD with Lisa Su over the next few days.

Long story short, we’ve not covered CES this year for the same reason a lot of people haven’t, the focus has gone. But, we will be back covering technology really soon.

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