The Google Pixel 3 is now ready!

We’ve been rather quiet about the Pixel 3, despite the fact we’ve been using one for near-on a month as our daily driver, but there’s a few reasons for that, though we think the majority of them are finally over.

The update to the Pixel 3 was mediocre, at best, versus last years Pixel 2 line, but, as always, the Pixel 3 line came with a heap of early-day problems. From RAM issues, dreadful mic quality, to everything else, Google has sure made it hard to recommend a Pixel 3 device to anyone … until now!

When Google released their January Security Patch update for the Pixel line of Smartphones a few things happened. They killed off the final devices with the “Nexus” brand, the 5X and 6P, but they also did the last important fix required for the Pixel 3, they fixed the mic quality in Video.

Should it have taken this long, of course not, but we can now officially recommend the Google Pixel 3 line, for the first time since the line of Smartphones launched. The Pixel 3 was always going to be the best experience you can get on Android, for being pure out of the box, though we will say this, Android Pie is not quite as silky smooth as our experiences with Android Oreo on the Pixel 2 line, so we’d still like a bit of extra R and R to continue.

This isn’t to say the Pixel 3 devices are perfect, of course they’re not, you still get far lower benchmark results from a Pixel device, due to how they’re tuned, and we’ll be honest, our display on the Pixel 3 is worse than the display we had in our Pixel 2 XL. Despite this, we still contend, the Pixel 3 is the best Android smartphone you can buy right now, and we can now recommend for these reasons;

  • Consistent Camera experience on Android
  • Up to date and most secure Android device for nearly 3 years
  • An iOS switchers perfect choice
  • The cleanest out of the box experience on Android

Google are also still offering the Pixel 3 devices for slightly less, after multiple offers over the Christmas period, and, we can finally recommend picking one up if it suits the needs you need.

We’ll be covering much more on the Pixel 3 device over the next week or so, mainly due to our website being down when we’d post a review, and we’ll have a full written one for you in the coming weeks.

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