LG’s upcoming G8 flagship may have something rather unique! An attachable screen?!

LG always seem to struggle, and undeservedly so, in the Smartphone market, so, what do you do when you can’t sell, you differentiate, and that’s always been one of LG’s strengths, and it’s looking like LG could be doing just that with the upcoming G8.

Last years LG G7 Thin-Q … we still hate the name … introduced a Boom Box speaker, which, when laid flat on a table, could produce some incredible audio, not to mention the fact that LG still include incredible Headphone DACs in their Smartphones.

This year, however, it looks like LG could go one step further, by introducing a Smartphone with, not a foldable display, but, an attachable display! This display would be a secondary display to the Smartphone, though, as of yet, it’s unclear how this would benefit the device. The secondary display could possibly attach in such a way, as to deliver a more Tablet-esc experience, but it all sounds rather finicky. Having said that we can’t wait to see!

LG is expected to announce their G8 device at this years MWC in February.

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