ZTE announced a Dual-Display Clamshell Smartphone, leaving us asking … WHY??!

Yes, this is actually a thing available in the real world. This is the first ZTE in a long whilst we’ve covered, so guess they’ve done their job on that one by making something unique, though that won’t save the ZTE Axon M from being a weird WTF device through and through.

The big push of the ZTE Axon M is that the device has a display both on the front and the back … or is that back and the front, who knows. Once you’ve figured out which is the front, you can even go one step further by folding the second additional display outward forming a foldable Clamshell, because … well, why not, right?

Well, firstly because it’s stupid. This is a form factor and design tried by many over the course of the years, and flopped every time as nobody wants this, all this creates is a new ability to crack TWO displays at once on an accidental drop … innovation!

You have the option, using that “M” you see on the bottom, to either Mirror the display (as shown), or separate in different ways, all of which look incredibly awkward. You could run two truly Apps side by side, but this is running last years Snapdragon 821 so may struggle on that, or stretch Apps to fill both displays but then you’ve to remember theres the same in between bezel so it looks silly!

We’ve been trying for a while, and literally can’t find a reason why you’d want this, add to the fact it’s going to be Carrier locked and premium priced, this will add to the list of others before it. We, sort of, admire the effort, but another fail for sure.

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